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  1. Daytona675 Forum
    Hi, new to the forum here. Trying to put my bike back together after my brother put it down. Looking for a right side fork. Outer and inner tube only be ok too. Can use the internals from my fork. I'm located in Colorado. Email: [email protected] Thanks for your help. Bill
  2. Street Triple 765
    In the book it states "The rear suspension unit spring preload is not rider adjustable. Any attempt to adjust the spring preload could result in a dangerous riding condition...." Are we just supposed to leave that alone regardless of rider weight? I've had other bikes where they've had that...
  3. Tiger 800 - 800XC Mods & Workshop
    Hello there, I found a triumph that is absolutely monster cheap, I have to fix it though, i have to buy the windshield, headlights and odometer which is not the problem. the problem is that making a lot of research it seems that it is the LOW model, as it is really cheap, around $4.500 I'm...
  4. Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi All, I've bent the fork legs on a 2017 T120 Bonneville (a long story, I'm OK, just sore) The three options to fix I have are: 1) Buy a complete new set of suspension, which is $1600+ 2) Have the current legs bent back into line (which I'm looking at, but they're fairly bent.. 3) Attach a...
  5. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hi folks, I'm after some feedback on parts I plan on ordering from TEC bike parts U.K for my 2012 Street Scrambler. general feedback on performance if others have installed these parts thoughts on the parts listed below (anything I need to be mindful about etc.) List of parts: 1. Camshaft...
  6. 2019 Street Twin

    2019 Street Twin

  7. Speed Triple Forum
    Hi All, Just test rode a new Speed Triple R. Great bike but I found the suspension is very firm (might be my weight, I am 11.5 stone). Question is, how adjustable is the Ohlins suspension? Could I adjust the forks and shock to make the bike very soft, or is there only limited adjustment? Would...
  8. for sale

    for sale