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  1. The Welcome Center
    Hello there! Just made my down payment for a Street twin (Ironstone colour) and waiting for delivery. So, here is the story: Went to the showroom curious to try out the new Trident 660. Saw the Bonnie T100 there and said "I want to try both". The guy said "they are different genre. what do you...
  2. Water Cooled Twins Picture Forum
    I own 2019 street twin, had little scratches on fuel tank. I was looking forward something can cover the scratches, found tank cover for Street Twin on eBay !!! Great looks perfect fit !
  3. The Welcome Center
    Please take a moment to introduce yourself....OK, I'm Oldhotshoe1. Emphasis on the old part. My credentials: 1st bike was a 305 Superhawk, 2nd BSA Lightning etc....Then discovered dirtbikes and flat track. Turned expert in sportsman racing then on to pro flat track. (class C novice) Raced around...
1-3 of 4 Results