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    Lifetime motorcycle enthousiast and member of the Honda Shadow forum as well :) Just purchased a new 2019 Street Triple RS, and very excited for our riding season to get here! Most def would like to meet other Triumph owners in the state.
  2. Street Triple 765
    OEM or aftermarket is fine. I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what's going on. My right side LED signals work and my left don't. I've swapped around all 4. All of them have the same resistance. Left side front and back are having the same issue. Right now my bike has the right side LEDs...
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    I tried to search a lot to get any comment about the effectiveness of the triumph flyscreen visor. I saw some threads here in the community but all of them are mainly asking tips to install the new piece. So my question for those that installed and used for a while: This triumph flyscreen...
  4. Street Triple 765
    Excuse me if this was asked on a previous thread. So I haven’t had the pleasure of test driving a Street Triple. Looking for some insight from experience owners. Would you recommend the Street Triple for urban commuting? (NYC riding, with lots of stop and go) If so, would you say it’s...
  5. Street Triple 765
    Are there any kits for for my 2018 RS? Is the process of doing this hard. Getting my bike dyno tuned in 3 weeks and would like to have this done before hand.
  6. Street Triple 765
    Recently sold my beloved R1 (sad day) but in the market for a new bike. Idk what it is but the street triple catches my attention more than anything when it comes to nakeds. What should I expect to pay out the door for one of these? I won’t be financing it. Thanks.
  7. Moto Machines
    Go follow @JasonTPhoto on Instagram for some incredible pictures of his Street Triple 675 with a Scorpion Serket Taper Slip-on exhaust! Also, follow @motomachines for daily motorcycle content (y) Check out the Scorpion Serket Taper Slip-On for the Street Triple 675 here!
  8. Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys Hope everyone is doing alright. Having a problem with my Striple which I'm hoping for some assistance with. Problem: When the bike is started, throttle needs to be applied to keep the engine running for about 10 seconds, else she will die. After keeping the revs up but low for a few...
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    Bought a 2013 Street Triple R this spring, but already had passenger pegs removed and weren't given during sale. Now my girlfriend wants to ride, but I have no back pegs. I've looked online but can't seem to find any. Can someone help? Located in U.S.
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    Hi All, I am new here ! I am riding a 2015 Street Triple RX. I have a youtube channel documenting all the things I do with and to my bike (among other things) Please check it out if you'd like and subscribe. Youtube :
  11. Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys, first proper post. Been lurking without an account for years and want to say thanks for all the useful information I've gleaned so far. I'm hoping for some advice; I have a 2010 Street Triple that will not start. Clutch in, bike in neutral, stand up - when I hit the starter button the...
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    Hi guys, I just got my 2018 Street Triple R 765. New to riding. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you
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    Hi everyone, I've finally got my hands on a Triumph Street Triple after many years. I upgraded from an Aprilia Shiver, which I bought new and had for 3.5 yrs, to a Street Triple RS in matte black. Oh man, what a difference. The ST is smooth, refined, with incredible suspension and brakes. Love...
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    Hello Everyone, New to the site, I have a 2018 Triumph Street tripple RS, Bought about 3 months ago. Thanks
  15. Street Triple Forum
    I have bought used Street Triple 2014 already in this condition. Lever is set to number 1 (out of 4) - hardest option. Still when I am breaking, first 2-4 cm of level play basically no breaking, then in last 1-2 cm starts to break, but it will easily touch the handle. what was done: - first I...
  16. The Welcome Center
    Hi folks - thanks for letting me be part of the forums. Long time rider but new to Triumph. Coming off a BMW R Nine T and just picked up a 765 Street Triple RS. Wanting to learn more about the brand and the ride. Love the bike but it's been a maintenance nightmare - blown tire followed by a dead...
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    Sorry if this has been addressed, but I could not find anything here that covers it. Can anyone say why the 2015 (and neighboring years) Street Triple specs state the gas tank capacity is 4.6 gallons? I have NEVER been able to get more than 3.7 gallons in it, and that's nearly running it dry. I...
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    Hello guys, I finally did my license for A2 bike. Currently I am riding my super fun R125: And I was deciding between R3 or new Kawasaki Ninja 400 but then I found Triumph Street Triple S A2 limitable. Is not really a sport bike which is the thing I kind of dislike but there is nothing more...
  19. Street Triple Forum
    Has anyone got any suggestions for handy accessories for the Striple R? I've recently moved back to the UK and the cold is hitting me hard. I'm looking at potentially getting a windscreen, handguard and some heated grips?? Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Street Triple Forum
    I have upgraded the rearsets this eve to the Triumph Accessories set, part #A9770046. I LOVE them. FYI, the forward, lowest hole is stock position, so it is all up and/or back from there. Also, you don’t have to un-harness the quickshifter to screw it on.... just disassemble the new gear...