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  1. Street Triple 765
    Hi All, I would need some insights on an issue which I am facing with my triple 765 RS. The ride was recently serviced and have done a throttle body cleaning. After that I noticed that, everytime the clutch lever is released their is a noise ( not clinging noise, more like tick tick tick) from...
  2. Street Triple 765
    Hi guys, I need your help with figuring our wiring for the DRL headlight. I am making a custom wiring harness that should allow the older +17 to 20 Triumph 765 bikes install the headlight from the newer bikes. This would require on your part, taking off the headlight (or maybe just unplugging...
  3. Street Triple 765
    Posted in troubleshooting area, but figure this will probably get seen more here A few days ago I did a trackday and a new noise started. I didn't notice it until I started riding home. Bike: 2018 Striple 765 RS. ~15,000 miles. Issue: At certain RPM ranges a loud resonance, or humming, can be...
  4. Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys, i have a brand new headlight assembly that comes with the whole deal. Included is a Crystal White headlight cowl, all brackets needed, headlamp assembly,etc. message me with offers. Part is currently out of production from triumph and there is no lead time on future units. Priced to sell.
  5. Street Triple 765
    Hello guys Today I found out that some rattling sound is coming out from the headlamp unit and noticed that the parking light is broken inside. The manual says that the entire assembly has to be replaced and that will cost a bomb. Does anyone has any solution for this.? It’s a 2017 street triple s
  6. Street Triple 765
    Excuse me if this was asked on a previous thread. So I haven’t had the pleasure of test driving a Street Triple. Looking for some insight from experience owners. Would you recommend the Street Triple for urban commuting? (NYC riding, with lots of stop and go) If so, would you say it’s...
  7. Street Triple 765
    Just got the flash from dealer to add missing ride modes. Have all 4 modes now: Rain, Road, Sport and Rider. Problem is Rider is configurable in setup with dash buttons, but is not selectable for use with mode button on left hand control. It just blinks, usually with another ride mode, when you...
  8. Street Triple Forum
    hey, i have decided to ditch my carbon scorpion exhaust for my 18 street triple r Selling as of now. I'll give someone a pretty good deal on it. No scratches no dents good condition
  9. Street Triple Forum
    Hi all, Been a long time lurker and am starting the process of picking up a street triple r. I've settled on a 2018 model that a local authorized dealer is offering for $9,250 msrp, with barely any miles on it. Triumph is running a $750 off promotion for cash purchases via authorized dealers...
  10. The Welcome Center
    Hello everyone on the Triumph forum!!! New to the world of Triumph but certainly not bikes. I've owned a ninja 300, 07zx6r, k8 gsxr, Harley 48, and a Z900 plus many more. I traded my Z900 in for a Street Triple 765rs. The 765 currently has 2600miles and I got it for 10800 otd usd. The ride...
  11. Street Triple Forum
    Hey everyone, I ride a 2018 Street Triple R. I have noticed that almost every time I ride my butt gets wet, it can’t be sweat because it’s 40-45F out. Does anyone else think that it could possibly be the foam in the seat that absorbs water?
  12. Street Triple 765
    I was thinking about getting a really loud horn, like the Denali Soundbomb but, I think it might be a little too loud for when I just want to signal someone, or if I hit it by accident, you know, things like that. There's the mini one, or others like that which are not as loud but when you...
  13. Street Triple Forum
    Hi guys. I bought salvaged 2018 Triumph street triple R with bent wheel. Checking on several sites I cant find if the front wheel can be fitted from older models. Can you advice? there are lot of options to buy RIM from 13-16 years but there is no 17-19 street triple r Rim in good price.
1-13 of 16 Results