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  1. Hard and lockable storage for the street scrambler

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hi, I found parts of answers in the forum but not fully. I plan to use my bike to reach places for trail running. So I need a solution of storage as secured as possible for all my bike equipment during a few hours. I was first thinking about lateral hard case but as I can only have one on this...
  2. 2017 SS stock luggage rack bobbins missing!!

    The Welcome Center
    Hi All! I've searched the internet high and low and can't find replacement bobbins that slide into the stock plastic rack that holds both the +1 seat and luggage rack for a 2017 street scrambler. Y'all are my only hope! Seriously though, any suggestions? Any forum thread I could pursue to...
  3. Longer suspension Street Scrambler 2019?

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Has anyone fitted longer travel suspension, front and rear, to a 2019 Street Scrambler? the 2019 model is the one with the cartridge front forks. How much travel added? Did you have to modify other parts of the bike to fit the longer suspension? Share your experience with us.
  4. NYC Quarantine Images of my 2019 Street Scrambler

    NYC Quarantine Images of my 2019 Street Scrambler

    What's up, everyone! Just sharing some images I recently shot of my street Scrambler. Most of the mods I hoped to make are on there. Next ones are some bar-end mirrors, not sure what yet, but definitely not CRG's. I also have been thinking about upgrading the rear suspension with the Fox OEM's...
  5. New Lil Rat Sayin Hello, NYC Based, Street Scrambler

    The Welcome Center
    What's up, everyone! Like the title says I'm on a 2019 Street Scrambler and loving it. I have owned it for about a year and mostly riding in the NYC area. Most of the mods I'd planned to make have been implemented, you can see the bike the day I got it versus what it looks now. I'm a...
  6. Scramblerizing: Front mudguard swap from Scrambler to Street Twin

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    I've put Heidenau K60 tires on my 2016 Street Twin (with stock alloy 18" wheels), and now the clearance to my front fender is minimal. I think I need a different mudguard bracket. I may try to use the front mudguard bracket off the 2017 Scrambler, which has a 19" front wheel, if that bracket...
  7. Street Scrambler Solorack

    Moto Machines
    Soloracks from Hepco & Becker are racks designed to fit just above the rear fender. Great for long journeys! Perfect luggage solution for Street Scrambler riders! Check out the Solorack for the Street Scrambler here!
  8. Feedback - Street Scrambler Parts from TEC U.K

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hi folks, I'm after some feedback on parts I plan on ordering from TEC bike parts U.K for my 2012 Street Scrambler. general feedback on performance if others have installed these parts thoughts on the parts listed below (anything I need to be mindful about etc.) List of parts: 1. Camshaft...
  9. Hello from new Triumph rider In NYC

    The Welcome Center
    Hello everyone, I just purchased my first triumph street scrambler 2018 in red and silver (first motorcycle in 35 years as I've been riding vespas until now). I've done a lot of research before purchasing this moto and this forum's been a very valuable resource. I'm looking forward to hear some...
  10. Love at first sight: Lieschen

    The Welcome Center
    Hi, I was looking for a 9t Scrambler at a local BMW dealer, when I noticed he is a Triumph dealer too. Having a short look to the bikes in the Triumph showroom could not hurt, I decided. Then I saw her: 2019 Street Scrambler, white tank and I immediately knew we are made for each other. Two days...
  11. lmonteso from Brazil

    The Welcome Center
    Hi everyone, my name is Luiz Monteso and i bought a black Street Scrambler 17/18 I live in Rio de Janeiro. Now I want to equip the SS.
  12. Gutted Cat 2018 Triumph Street Scrambler

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    1. I love the stock exhaust. Imho, it is one of the best looking stock exhaust ever put on a motorcycle. 2. The bike is a bit too quite for me. At 120kmh, i can only hear the wind noise. Riding behind your harley mates are the worst. 3. X-Pipes were reported to improve both performance and...
  13. First Question!

    The Welcome Center
    Does anyone know if the Street Scrambler Engine Bars will fit on the Street Twin? I really like the more understated look of the scrambler bars.
  14. Street Scrambler Left Side Case Options

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Has anyone found a side luggage mount for the Triumph Street Scrambler that is compatible with the stock rack? I'd rather keep it and add on some sort of side case/pannier mount for the left side. Don't want to ruin the look of the bike but at this point, luggage space is something that would...