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  1. Hello from new Triumph rider In NYC

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    Hello everyone, I just purchased my first triumph street scrambler 2018 in red and silver (first motorcycle in 35 years as I've been riding vespas until now). I've done a lot of research before purchasing this moto and this forum's been a very valuable resource. I'm looking forward to hear some...
  2. Love at first sight: Lieschen

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    Hi, I was looking for a 9t Scrambler at a local BMW dealer, when I noticed he is a Triumph dealer too. Having a short look to the bikes in the Triumph showroom could not hurt, I decided. Then I saw her: 2019 Street Scrambler, white tank and I immediately knew we are made for each other. Two days...
  3. lmonteso from Brazil

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    Hi everyone, my name is Luiz Monteso and i bought a black Street Scrambler 17/18 I live in Rio de Janeiro. Now I want to equip the SS.
  4. Gutted Cat 2018 Triumph Street Scrambler

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    1. I love the stock exhaust. Imho, it is one of the best looking stock exhaust ever put on a motorcycle. 2. The bike is a bit too quite for me. At 120kmh, i can only hear the wind noise. Riding behind your harley mates are the worst. 3. X-Pipes were reported to improve both performance and...
  5. First Question!

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    Does anyone know if the Street Scrambler Engine Bars will fit on the Street Twin? I really like the more understated look of the scrambler bars.
  6. Street Scrambler Left Side Case Options

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    Has anyone found a side luggage mount for the Triumph Street Scrambler that is compatible with the stock rack? I'd rather keep it and add on some sort of side case/pannier mount for the left side. Don't want to ruin the look of the bike but at this point, luggage space is something that would...