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  1. Street Triple 765
    Can anyone confirm if the 2020 seat cowl will fit on the 2018 model? I feel like the seat cowl from 2020 completes the look more but havent been able to find the answer about fitment and my Triumph dealer has been useless. I know essential is almost the same bike so I dont know why it wouldn't...
  2. Street Triple Forum
    Hey everyone, I’m having a lot of issues setting my 2019 765RS specifically the rear shock. I come from an ADV and off-road background and this is my first sportbike. I can’t get the rear to ride right. The front was simple to get how I want. What settings give a soft but controlled ride...
  3. Street Triple Forum
    I've seen a heap of posts about other Triumphs blowing out starter gear but not a street triple so hopefully someone can shed some light. When starting it up it was making a clunk for a couple of days so took it into the dealer (as was only 2 yo and should be warranty and less than 8000kms) and...
  4. Ride / Trip Reports
    In case anyone is interested, I’ve been tracking my fuel consumption for two years. Sadly, fuelly seems to have lost a lot of my data. I still have 48 fill ups and a very static route, so there is very little variation in my riding. 2018 Street Triple MPG Brand AVERAGE of MPG COUNTA of...
  5. The Welcome Center
    Hello everyone, I was aiming to the street triple since the 2017 model was announced but felt completly in love with the new 2020. Saturday I received my new ride, the 2020 street triple rs.
  6. Speed Triple Forum
    I’ve had my 2011 ST3r for 6 years and still love it but really looking for something with more power and excitement. My bike is tuned with full exhaust and makes 119HP (I forgot the torque number at the moment) and it’s truly a pleasure riding and I am considering a 2020 Speed RS but wondering...
  7. Street Triple 765
    I'm buying a 2020 stripleRS and looking for anyone who is similar to my weight to chime in if they have found suspension setups that worked with stock springs or if they found it necessary to swap the rear spring for a 90N instead of the stock 95N.
  8. The Welcome Center
    Hey, how's it going, Just recently got a new 2021 street triple rs, had it a few weeks now and so far love the bike! I'm from the UK, recently changed over the exhaust system with an Akro, haven't removed the CAT but would love to know your thoughts on the sound. Thanks guys, stay safe Grippy
  9. Street Triple 765
    I bought Heat Grips ( A9638180) used and just found out the wire harness been cut and short. I need a new wire Harness , does anyone know where I can find it ?
1-9 of 9 Results