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  1. Street Triple Forum
    Recently (within the last 6 months) I've noticed my 2010 Street Triple start to sputter when trying to rev match at lower RPMs (3000-4500ish). It will sputter and not rev and I'll have to crack the throttle again to get it to open and blip. Any idea what this could be from? Only performance mod...
  2. News Room - Homepage
    Looking to replace my radiator on 09 street triple can you get aftermarket with earlier model? Found later models an Daytonas similar but different can anyone point me in right direction thank you
  3. Street Triple Forum
    Looking to replace my radiator on 09 street triple can you get aftermarket with earlier model? Found later models an Daytonas similar but different can anyone point me in right direction thank you
  4. Street Triple Forum
    i have 2016 street triple and the fan isn't coming on and im wondering how i can test the fan motor and the thermostat, i have seen people suggest what to do but i cant find anything saying specifically how to do it
  5. Street Triple Forum
    Street Triple 675 R 2014. Runs until its hot, then switch off and it gives all the indications of a flat battery. Hit the starter, it turns a bit, then coughs and won't start. Hit the starter again, same thing. Let it go cold and it will start just fine. 12.5V across the terminals, 14.5V with...
  6. Street Triple Forum
    Hello, yesterday I went to see a Street triple 675R (2013) for the first time, as I am interested in buying a sporty naked. The bike had 6000 km / 3730 miles, supposedly no accident, hasn't been dropped and i could not see any scratches. The bike was actually in top condition, however, I had my...
  7. Street Triple Forum
    I just bought myself a 2010 Street triple R. Ive got a few questions... located in Vancouver Canada. (if anyone wants to ride) Exhaust- I tried to find a definitive answer in the millions of previous threads, also curious on your opinion on what you would do if you were me. Grew up riding...
  8. Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys, first time poster. I picked up a '12 street triple r about 2 months ago, it now has just shy of 19k miles. I started to notice a pretty loud rattle from the engine and learned about the issues with the automatic cam chain tensioner on these bikes, so I installed a PSR manual cam chain...
  9. Street Triple Forum
    Hey, all first-time posting and first-time triumph owner! Recently I bought a theft recovered bike a 2014 675 R and I'm slowly rebuilding the bike. One of the things I'm having problems with right now is a random electrical connector. Its located on the left side right along the frame the...
  10. Street Triple Forum
    Здравствуйте дорогие друзья, недавно я стал обладателем замечательного уличного трехместного мотоцикла 675 в мотоцикле все полностью устраивает и тяга и разгон, кроме одного, это ограничение в 10000 об / мин, как я позже выяснил, это ограничение ставится на все мотоциклы, выпущенные на японский...
  11. Street Triple Forum
    Considering getting some new levers for my 2014 Street Triple R. I really dig the OEM shorty levers, but the only place I've found that has them is selling them for $180. If I'm going to pay that price I'm wondering if another brand might offer better bang for the buck?
  12. Street Triple Forum
    Good morning, I tried to adjust my rear suspension spring preload of my normal 2013 Street Triple. I read the manual on how to do it and when I started to turn the adjuster ring, the whole rear suspension started to turn. I got confused and turned the whole suspension right back as I'm not sure...
  13. Street Triple Forum
    My 11 Street Triple seems to have an inaccurate speedometer. I use my phone GPS occasionally, and Google maps gives your MPH at the bottom. I have found in cars it is pretty accurate, but on my bike it seems to be about 6mph below what my speedometer says. I noticed it mostly at high speeds...
  14. The Welcome Center
    Hello there, A word to introduce myself : my first bike was a Street R (2009) matt blazing orange, my second still is a Speed 94 (2015) and since a few months, I bought an orange Street R from 2009 again :) Happy to be part of RAT's family. AlFa
1-14 of 15 Results