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  1. Mysterious Battery Drain

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hello Everybody, I'm looking for some advice with an ongoing battery issue. My Bike: 2010 Triumph Speedmaster Airbox eliminated, AI and O2 sensors removed, remapped with TuneECU, cocktail shaker pipes YTX12-BS Yuasa battery -less than 2 years old -has died and been recharged ~30 times The...
  2. Speed 4 rectifier and stator

    Triumph SuperSports
    Hey guys, new to this so bare with me. recently got my first bike 06 Speed 4 its been great so far but recently over the past 2 months it has died on my completely a couple of times, I took it to my local bike shop to get it checked out the and they are letting me know that it is the rectifier...
  3. (Not another!) Triumph Tiger 955i Charging Issue

    The Welcome Center
    Hello all, I have been reading many threads on charging issues but have not found one that fits my situation so I hope I can find some help! In the spring after a few days of riding my battery died in the middle of a ride. I roll started it and made it home. Thinking it was a bad battery, i...