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starter solenoid

  1. 2012 speedmaster starter problem help!!

    Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I just bought a 2012 speedmaster with 15xxx miles today, the battery was completly dead and we pushed start it. Everything was fine once it started but the battery won't charge so I couldn't check if the starter works or not. The seller seems a honest person and...
  2. Engine starting problem - Starter Solenoid jump

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi, I am having this problem forever. Here goes my description: 1) I turn the key. The ignition on, pump on. All seems ready. 2) I push the starter. I heard a click of the solenoid and nothing goes. The battery is healthy and full. I replaced the solenoid and nothing changed. Also the...
  3. Speedy died today :(

    Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Hey everyone! First of all, love this forum!!! Its helped me tremendously with tuning, upgrading and problem solving! :) So my Speedy died today miles away from home outside a petrol station. It just didnt kick over, but the neutral light/lights were on. There was a slight clicking coming...