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    Hi guys so I have a sprint rs 955 I've recently passed my bike test, I've had this sat on the drive for a while and I noticed the water drian hole under the fuel filler cap is blocked and let a lot of water into the fuel tank, I fixed this and got the bike MOT (I'm in the UK) I've been riding it...
  2. Sprint Forum
    Hi, I'm getting mighty frustrated, I've got an '05 ST 955i . I'd love to find some luggage I can fit. I have no carriers or brackets fitted, and the bike never has as far as I can tell. Every time I find some luggage, there is no mounting system for the bike, or I can find a generic...
  3. Sprint Forum
    Hey yall, just bought my first Sprint ST also my first Triumph ever. 2008 ST ABS 25k, rode it back from Indiana to Denver. Already love the bike, suspension is magic carpet over bumps, and the engine is smooth almost to a fault (more in a minute). So i bought the bike unseen in person and rode...
  4. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hi everyone and thanks for help in advance, I have a 2008 triumph sprint st 1050, which was working fine when I put it away for the winter. Now she's back out again I can't get any life out of her. The headlights are working and there's clicking sounds coming from inside the bike when I turn...
  5. News Room - Homepage
    Hello guys, ive got a problem, when i turn on key there is just red diod of the oil. Fuel pump does nothing. Neutral diod is off even i have a neutral. I dont see level of fuel. And when i pull the clutch and try to start it just do nothing. Somebody knows what to do in this situation?
  6. The Welcome Center
    Hi all, I bought my first Triumph a couple of days back, a Sprint ST and it's pretty good! :wink2:
  7. The Welcome Center
    Hey folks! This amazing thing happened the other day... I found a '99 Triumph Sprint ST. I had a cruiser and then a V-Strom. I sold them a few years ago because kids happened. Recently one of my friends let me borrow his KLR650 and I thought that was going to be the next bike for me. Not his...
  8. On the track

    On the track

    Me at Oregon Raceway Park on my Sprint
  9. Camping


    Heading out for a weekend of camping and riding in Eastern Oregon
  10. Sprint RS tailectomy

    Sprint RS tailectomy

    2004 Sprint RS, trimmed fender, Skyking plate mount
  11. Meguiars Sprint

    Meguiars Sprint

    Looks like someone has got good taste!
  12. hwy177south2i10


    '07 Sprint ST; near junction of hwy177 and hwy62 between Parker AZ and 29palms CA...
  13. Proud new owner has to take pics of his baby.

    Proud new owner has to take pics of his baby.

    Stormy skies, but a rosy bike and a sunny disposition for its first rider!