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sprint st 955i

  1. Headlights not working as expected

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    1999 Sprint ST 955i Issue: Headlights not working as expected. The following is my the steps and the results. Ignition switch to on. Lights switch to on. Left headlight working. Right off. Switch to high beam. Right headlight switches on. Left headlight switches off. Switch High beam off...
  2. Hello from new Triumph Sprint ST 955i owner

    The Welcome Center
    Hi, just bought another bike for mototouring purposes. Very clean bike for a 15 yo and almost 70 000 km on odometer. Just hope it was British Racing Green...:BritishFlag The plan is to head to Europe and Alps in summer 2020 with my friend and his CBR600. We have a long, dark and cold winter, so...
  3. Sprint ST 955i new to me

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    Hi all, I'm a Triumph Newbie. Bought a 2000 Sprint ST 955i about a month ago and pleased with its great agility, big midrange power and engine vibe and exhaust note. Keenly took it for a spirited run >:) up and down the Oxley Hwy here in the mid north coast of NSW Australia a couple of weekends...