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  1. Sprint Forum
    So I’m pretty new to the Triumph world. I acquired a 2011 sprint GT that the frame and engine are in great shape but the previous owner totaled the forks and everything attached to it. I’m working on getting it 100% but I’ve noticed that there are a few connects on the original hardness that...
  2. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, Just put down a deposit on a Sprint ST 1050- ABS, 2006 with only 18,000kms, looks in mint condition. Always my dream bike in blue and looking forward to tours around Europe as well as rides to work and the bars (once they reopen!) Bike history: Yamaha Tenere 600 Honda NC 700 Kawasaki...
  3. News Room - Homepage
    Hello guys, ive got a problem, when i turn on key there is just red diod of the oil. Fuel pump does nothing. Neutral diod is off even i have a neutral. I dont see level of fuel. And when i pull the clutch and try to start it just do nothing. Somebody knows what to do in this situation?
  4. The Welcome Center
    Hey there, all! I just got my 2006 Sprint ST 1050 last week and couldn't be happier! I really love it, it's everything I wanted in a bike! I'm a new rider (coming back to riding) and live in East London Hope to meet some of you whilst out and about! I am looking for local riders so please...
  5. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, I just got back into bikes after a big lay off. Toured a lot in Europe in my younger days until my the 900 trophy got nicked and other life matters took over! Just wanted to mention that I put some EZ Moto levers on my recently purchased Sprint ST1050 and for £20 delivered I have to...
  6. Route 44/55 over the 'gunks

    Catskill Mountains in the background
1-10 of 10 Results