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  1. Sprint Forum
    So I’m pretty new to the Triumph world. I acquired a 2011 sprint GT that the frame and engine are in great shape but the previous owner totaled the forks and everything attached to it. I’m working on getting it 100% but I’ve noticed that there are a few connects on the original hardness that...
  2. Sprint Forum
    Howdy. Always kinda liked the look of the Sprint GT but when they came out, I couldn't seem to find one to get close enough to. Couldn't test ride one, couldn't sit on one or get the GF to test-sit one. Not wanting to buy one sight unseen, I ended up with a 2002 BMW K1200RS which I recently sold...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi guys, Sorry for the newbie question, but where can i find the ECU unit on the bike? Triumph tell me that it should be near the coolant header tank but I just can’t see it?
  4. Sprint Forum
    Sprint GT. Has anybody had a replacement mirror part no. T2060015 for their bike.Thats the RH side. Or the LH? I would like to find out what you get. does it just click on the small stem (about 1.5ins tall) thats screwed to the mirror stalk? Or do you get the small stem as well as the...
  5. Sprint Forum
    In the UK. Has anybody had paint from a firm near Grimsby called Paints4u. Wanting to know particularly about the colour match on Sprint GT Aluminium Silver. as thats what I have. Their website says they have a matching paint colour and do a set of three tins,undercoat and colour coat and...
  6. Sprint Forum
    Howdy all, I've got a 2011 Sprint GT that I'm trying to switch to a non locking Gas Cap to after having a difficult time opening the lock while out riding. I'm having trouble finding information about the Cap on the GT's via online rescources. Does anyone know if these triumph six pin gas...
1-6 of 7 Results