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  1. Daytona 1200 / 900 Speedo

    Daytona Deliberations
    I have had since new a 95 black Daytona 1200. It is just amazing how fresh the paint and everything still is. One thing that is giving out: the rubber vibration cushion beneath the speedo between the rim of the gauge and the silver metal plate/dashboard (*not the big cushion under the tach and...
  2. Inaccurate speedometer

    Street Triple Forum
    My 11 Street Triple seems to have an inaccurate speedometer. I use my phone GPS occasionally, and Google maps gives your MPH at the bottom. I have found in cars it is pretty accurate, but on my bike it seems to be about 6mph below what my speedometer says. I noticed it mostly at high speeds...
  3. Tiger Sport 2013 instrument/speedo stolen

    Tiger 1050 - Mods & Workshop
    Hi guys, I have a Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 and recently I got my instrument cluster stolen. So, I would like to ask if anyone knows whether the instrument cluster from 2016/17 model is compatible with 2013/14 or if anyone has any other thoughts to share that could help. Many thanks, Kyriakos
  4. Sprint ST 1050 Speedometer

    Sprint Forum
    Hey guys, wondering if there is a known way to adjust the speedometer on a 2008 ST with a 18T front sprocket. My understanding is that the older models had physical teeth/magnet setup on the front wheel. Wondering if there is a way to adjust the sender (output shaft of gearbox?) to read...
  5. 06 America speedometer backlight

    Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    I just purchased a 2006 America. The backlight on the speedometer wasn’t working. We checked the fuse and it was blown. We replaced it and worked several times over a course of two days. Now it’s blown again. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Daytona 955i Speedometer difference

    Daytona Deliberations
    Hey guys! Just purchased a crashed 2005 Daytona 955 (front end damage), rebuilding everything, and one of the things I just noticed is the speedometer rev limit. I bought a used speedometer from ebay from 2001 Daytona 955 that has 14'000 max RPM (a white background with 955i on it), but the old...
  7. Speedometer CAN Questions

    Gear & Gadgets
    Hello, I am working on a personal project trying to build a digital motorcycle speedometer and am reaching out to various forums hoping to get a few of my questions answered. I appreciate any help and thanks for you time! Do most or all modern bikes directly feed the instrument display...
  8. WTB Thruxton Speedo (early EFI)

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - Hinckley Classic Twins
    THRUXTON SPEEDO Must be Mechanical Speedo Drive with EFI as used on early production EFI Thruxtons. To help identify, the lower part of the face will have a small fuel light & an engine light (white face) 0:) Thank, Tom
  9. dodgy speedo

    The Welcome Center
    Own a 2009 sprint ST, the speedometer stopped working one day, was on a short journey, left the bike for about 6hr came back to it to find it working again. I know noticed on starting the bike when the needle dosn't flick all the way back on start up first time it flicked to 130mph the next...
  10. Speed triple clocks

    The Welcome Center
    Hey triumphrats. I've had a problem for a while. I'm not sure if it's been covered in other posts but if so, please send me the link. I have a 2009 speed triple that I bought a while ago. The previous owner mentioned that the ecu was fried so I got one as soon as I got the bike. It didn't help...
  11. Thruxton in Brazil

    The Welcome Center
    Hi there! I am a proud owner of a Thruxton 900, in a small town in Brazil. I have been trying to sign in triumphrat for a while and today I finally did it! I am looking for help to customize my bike. Some of the issues I solved by myself just searching in internet but now I am stucked! I bought...
  12. 2012 Speedy won't start

    The Welcome Center
    I own a 2012 Speedmaster with British Customs Bomber exhaust installed, AI removed and British Customs Turn Signals and Break light. I recently installed the BC Bomber exhaust and removed the AI, then a couple of rides later the bike's fuel pump, tach and speedometer will not turn on. I have...
  13. Confirmation Request - Check Engine Light Reads P0500 - Speed Sensor

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hey all, Just bought a 2014 T100 Black, and wouldn't you know, 4 days later the check engine light comes on, and the speedometer sits at 0. I've done research on this site and others, as well as gotten the code read at autozone, and I'm convinced its the speed sensor. I'm mechanical enough to...
  14. Just bought a '14 Bonnie Black!

    The Welcome Center
    Glad to be part of the community. Unfortunately my speedo just went out and I've got a check engine with a P0500 (Speed Sensor). I think I know what I need, but I'm hoping to get some advice here!
  15. Interchangeable instrument clusters

    Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Hi everyone, I have a 2009 Speedmaster and am looking at removing the tach (as it is starting to fail) and replace it with the cover that usually comes with the America. Furthermore, I wanted to remove the idiot lights from their housing and use the holes to add switches to operate (aux...