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  1. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey all, My bike is not getting any power at all. No lights, no blinking security light, and no reaction to the key in the ignition. When taking the bike out of the back of my truck, the underside of the bike dragged across the tailgate. There are some scrapes along the oil pan, and it looks...
  2. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hi All: New to the forum. First of all, I love the looks of the speedmaster. The tucked in front wheel makes it the best looking "cruiser" bike I have laid my eyes on. Now, I wanted to ask a few questions before I pulled the trigger tomorrow. I currently ride a Vulcan 650 S. Its a nice light...
  3. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    What’s goin on? I have not fully acquainted myself with the site so if this show up in the wrong area… apologies. I have seen a few different posts On the subject but no answer to this specific piece… I have a 2013 Speedmaster and am looking to do an exhaust upgrade (for sound purposes for the...
  4. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hi all, I'm new here. I just went to a dealership today and test-rode the Speedmaster, and immediately fell in love with it! The problem is, the delivery date of a new one will be no sooner than the end of this year, so I'm considering a 2018 model in dealership stock (unused, on display at the...
  5. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hi. Does anyone know if there's an auxillary power socket under the tank on a 2020 Speedmaster? I've seen YouTube videos of one that's taped up on other Triumphs, but not on a Speedmaster. Just trying to avoid lifting the tank to look! I'm looking to fit a USB port to the bike.
  6. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hi all, I have a new to me 2018 Speedmaster. When I bought it it had mat black headers and Vance & Hines Silences. I am replacing it with a set of brushed stainless headers and V&H silencers. The exhaust has three connections on each side. The cylinder head to the header. The header...
  7. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hi. I've recently treated myself to a 2020 Speedmaster and considering some mods. Coming from a Street Twin I'm not sure I like the forward controls. Has anyone gone for the mid controls and what do they think of them?
  8. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Is there a video on how to change the battery of a Speedmaster Bonneville 2018? I just need to know where is it in the bike and how to get to it.
  9. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Can anyone share a video or a link to a video on how to change the battery of a 2018 Speedmaster Bonneville? Also, what is the best battery for the bike?
  10. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Hello all. I’m looking to get the measurements for a sissy bar so I can have one made. TBH I’m just not loving the official Triumph options for my 2016 Speedy. Specifically the measurement between the mounting holes was well as with width between the two mounting plates. If anyone has a...
  11. 238563102_10159671022714359_5854524031804153114_n (1).jpg

    Lowered rear, 4 inch over front forks, 12 inch ape hangers
  12. Picture Gallery for America, Speedmaster
    I bought a 2004 Speedmaster in 2011 and have been having very intermittent power issues for the last five years or so. When started, engine seems at half power. I can get it moving, but it's at full throttle doing 30-40 mph. After a few minutes running, the power will surge unexpectedly to...
  13. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hey! I was looking at a 2016 Speedmaster that really interested me. It will be my first bike (unless you want to count a 125cc Honda Grom lol) but I was wondering if the bike would be too large for me. I’m about 5’7 with a 30” seam. There aren’t any dealers around me that have any in stock and...
  14. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey Everyone! I picked up my first Triumph, a 2003 Speedmaster the other day, and as I was cruising today my front brakes failed. I was able to baby it home and found out this bracket broke off. I was wondering whether anyone’s seen a similar failure, and if anyone knows about any options to...
  15. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hello all! I’ve been eyeballing the 2020-2021 Speedmaster. I wonder if any of my fellow Triumph affectionados also have experience with the T-Bird (especially Commander or LT) and the Speedmaster. If so, would you think I might regret “downsizing” from the 1700 Bird to the 1200 Speedmaster...
  16. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Ok. 2003 Speedmaster Carb. Fresh oil, fresh filter, new oil sensor and wiring. Anyone know how to get the oil light to turn off? I’m new to my Speedy
  17. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Needing some garage space back. Anyone need parts? If your interested in anything, let me know and I’ll get you a price
  18. Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Has anybody else had issues with an LED headlight going out? And does anybody have access to a wiring schematic for a 2019 Speedmaster? I was on my way to work and the headlight started flickering, and then cutting off completely. It was intermittent for the whole 20+ miles, cutting off for...
1-18 of 72 Results