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  1. Triumph SuperSports
    I recently acquired this bike (2002 speed four). It had been sitting for about 10 years doing nothing. After I got it, I went through and did some standard maintenance stuff: Cleaned injectors Cleaned out rusty tank New fuel pump New battery Oil change Initially when I did all that, it ran...
  2. The Welcome Center
    Recently got a speed 4 motor 600cc, harness, radiator, and tach. However, to the dislike of some, it will be going into an off-road kart rather than a bike. I could use assistance in finding any form of colorized wire schematics due to the harness being already tampered with. If interested I can...
  3. Triumph SuperSports
    Okay so I passed my test in October and bought my lovely blue speed four, which admittedly has always been a little too tall for me! However in November I damaged my left side Achilles’ tendon, and after months of physio I’m told it’s now as good as it will get and it’s just too weak to hold...
1-3 of 3 Results