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  1. Speed Triple Forum
    Hi guys, I have a 2000 speedy with 25k miles on it. I didnt made my valve clearances on time so my camshafts are in bad shape. I bought 2 used cams 1 was a daytona set and both was in bad shape too. Daytona set lowered the valve noise and that made me sure about my problem. So the main question...
  2. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hey all, Just bought a 2014 T100 Black, and wouldn't you know, 4 days later the check engine light comes on, and the speedometer sits at 0. I've done research on this site and others, as well as gotten the code read at autozone, and I'm convinced its the speed sensor. I'm mechanical enough to...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Glad to be part of the community. Unfortunately my speedo just went out and I've got a check engine with a P0500 (Speed Sensor). I think I know what I need, but I'm hoping to get some advice here!
  4. Tiger Chat
    Hey everyone! I have been loving my 2013 Tiger 800 Roadie. I have taken it off road, on fire roads, on long trips.. but something recently has been bothering me. I ride with a group of sportbike riders often, I used to be a CBR600rr and Striple owner, and they have become my buddies. I can...
1-11 of 11 Results