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    Thinking to hang it up after many years, I was talked into riding a "Triumph". I was drawn to the classic simplicity of the Speed Twin - no yellow suspension but gaiters! Agile and powerful, it handled small leaving just the road in front of me. I bought it immediately after riding it. I have...
  2. Speed Twin & Scrambler 1200 - Lessons learned from owners?

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    Hi all, Following a recent test-ride which truly floored me I'm now toying with selling on my EFI T100 and going for a Speed Twin, or possibly a Scrambler 1200. I've been keeping an eye out for something that works well as a daily rider, but can also handle some longer distance riding/touring...
  3. Hello from Scotland

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    Hello everyone. Picked up my new Speed Twin last week and absolutely loving it. After 2 years with a 1200GS the ST is a revelation - so much more fun. Just booked it in for its 1st service next week - it's going to be difficult to keep the mileage below 500 before then :smile2:
  4. New Speed Twin Owner - Longtime Triumph Owner

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    Hey forum. I picked up a new Speed Twin a couple months ago and figured it's time to join the community. I started on an '06 Speed Triple back in the day, and progressed from that to an '11 Daytona 675, to a '14 Scrambler, and finally on the Speed Twin today. Quick question for anyone who may...
  5. Returning member

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    Hi, I have ridden Triumphs all of this century and currently own only a Meriden Trident after selling the second of two Sprint RS models I ran until last year. Big mistake! I then bought a Ya*a*a which I didn't get along with at all and am therefore looking to buy another Triumph to match all...
  6. Hello from CT(Speed Twin)

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    Hi all, Just a long time lurker here, with a new bike haha. Started off with a 2006 Bonnie Black and tinkered around with a few mods on it. Always wanted a Thruxton but my back never agreed with riding for long period of time on any of those test rides. Almost picked up a T120 last year for...
  7. New Member - Speed Twin Owner

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    Hello everyone, I've lurked on this forum for awhile. Apologies for typos. I supposed I'll keep it short and sweet. I just picked up my Speed Twin a few weeks ago, and I am truly in love. A few things here and there I plan to change, but nothing major. I've owned several different bikes and...