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  1. Speed Triple Forum
    I believe I have figured out what was causing my intermittent Battery system fault > Transmission Fault issues that started recently. So, this thread is just to put out what I believe should fix the issue. I did do some searching and this fix was mentioned, but I wanted to title and tags to be...
  2. Speed Triple Forum
    Ok so I'm doing the opposite of everyone because we'll I'm a rebel. I have mint 2003 speed triple 955i that I want to convert to a Daytona. Follow along for the ride.
  3. News Room - Homepage
    I've been waiting over 50 days for a tail tidy ordered from Mustard Bikes in Australia to come to Canada. It has been in the hands of Australia Post since November 15th and sitting at the Melbourne Airport since November 24, 2021 - cleared and awaiting international departure. I highly recommend...
  4. Speed Triple Forum
    Hello everyone!! For the experts and everybody out there I’d please need if anyone knows if I can fit an 07 speedie cluster gauge to an 09, the reason is that the sun burned both of the lcd screens on my actual cluster gauge and I found an 07 for a reasonable price. Thanks!!!
  5. Daytona Deliberations
    Just for info I recently did a large repair upgrade job on my '98 T595. On start up I had the ECU Warning on permanently. Also the bike temp didn't seem to get up to temperature and the fan didn't run. On plugging in a OBDII tester I had 6 errors inc P0113, P0112, Fan Relay, ECU Lamp which I...
  6. Speed Triple Forum
    Hey guys, I have a 2012 Speed triple and after finding a short going up the main wiring harness when investigating why my blinker fuse kept popping, I bought one on ebay and had a moto mechanic replace it. While riding it back, I noticed I was idling at under 1000 rpm and when I stopped it...
  7. Maintenance Tips and Tricks for the T3 Classics
    Hows it going, I'm looking at buying a speed tripple that's got 54k on the odo. Looks clean the bike is 3 hours away from me and time to go and look at it in person has proven difficult. The dealer has a shipping method for a little extra cash but I don't want to buy the bike if im not going to...
  8. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hello everyone! I bought a 2006 Speed Triple in october 2020 and it's coming time to do my first oil change. I was fortunate enough to meet a seller that actually took me and the bike to her mechanic and said "do everything it needs done", so it had everything new, coolant, tyres, brake pads...
  9. Speed Triple Forum
    Hi guys, The track day rules have changed this year in the UK. All riders now must have brake lever guards installed. My Speedy R 2017 has the Triumph bar end mirrors (which I love) installed. and is it's not a track only bike I don't want to remove them for the standard brake lever guards or...
  10. Sprint Forum
    Hey guys and girls, I've done some searching but can't seem to find if anyone has come across the same problem. I'm doing a bit of tinkering with a 20107 Sprint Map and comparing it to a custom 20101 S3 Map, in the process I was able to copy the S3 map straight into the Sprint map just using the...
  11. Speed Triple Forum
    I have an 05’ Speed Triple and it decided to start leaking oil from this area, but I don’t know what the area is called so I don’t know how I can replace it! Help!
  12. Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I'm wondering if anyone knows if a top yoke from a Speed Triple can be adapted to a Thruxton R. Top clamp diameter on both is 52 mm, but there are probably other issues. If someone had both in their garage I would be interested to know their observations.
  13. Sprint Forum
    Howdy all, I've got a 2011 Sprint GT that I'm trying to switch to a non locking Gas Cap to after having a difficult time opening the lock while out riding. I'm having trouble finding information about the Cap on the GT's via online rescources. Does anyone know if these triumph six pin gas...
  14. Speed Triple Forum
    I just read that triumph is laying off 400 people. How will this affect the sticker price of new models and is this a bad time to buy a triumph speed triple RS or should I wait until the prices are more affected by the global pandemic. Please share your thoughts
  15. Speed Triple Forum
    Apologies if this has been asked before, I've a Y2000 S3 with the usual poor back brake issue. I'm about to strip the swinging arm to replace the suspension linkage bearings etc and whilst its in bits I'm thinking of upgrading the rear brake set up. I remember from a few years back that a...
  16. Speed Triple Forum
    Hey all, I’m coming into a 2006 speed triple. The current owner believes the ecu maybe bad. The bike has new injectors, new fuel pump and tank has been cleaned. The bike sat outside for a little While and wasn’t ran for close to a year. it has spark, good compression, it turns over. But will not...
  17. Speed Triple Forum
    I've just extracted the engine in my '09 S3 for the second time, and I'm about to open up the cases for the first time. Someone decided to snack on a gear about 1000 miles after I had last removed the engine... I swapped out the timing chain on my last removal since I had about 60k miles on...
  18. Speed Triple Forum
    Has anyone has any luck? I had a broken tab on my left side, then a bolt go stripped out so I had to break the front tab to get the bolt and nut out of the tank. I've been searching and I was wondering if anyone has found anything or knows of any suitable replacements for this bike? TIA
1-18 of 40 Results