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  1. Top Yoke from Speed Triple on Thruxton R

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I'm wondering if anyone knows if a top yoke from a Speed Triple can be adapted to a Thruxton R. Top clamp diameter on both is 52 mm, but there are probably other issues. If someone had both in their garage I would be interested to know their observations.
  2. FS: 11-15 Speed Triple Oil Cooler Guard, Radiator Guard, Tail Tidy - Unopened/Unused

    Triumph Parts + Gear For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a link to an Imgur album of the parts. They are all still sealed/unopened. Relevant Part Numbers: Evotech Performance PRN008963-008987-01 - 11-15 Speed Triple Rad Guard and Oil Cooler Set Evotech Performance PRN008958-01 - 11-15 Speed Triple Tail Tidy Can be purchased direct from...
  3. FS - 2008 Speedy Parts - Exhaust, mufflers, seat

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - EFI Triples
    When I bought this bike it came with a box of stock parts. Up for sale is: stock Y pipe - $50 stock mufflers - $80 (for both) stock seat - $80 All parts are in good condition with very minor wear. No tears in the seat except a line where the seat cowl (which I’m keeping) was attached...
  4. Sprint GT Non Locking Gas Cap

    Sprint Forum
    Howdy all, I've got a 2011 Sprint GT that I'm trying to switch to a non locking Gas Cap to after having a difficult time opening the lock while out riding. I'm having trouble finding information about the Cap on the GT's via online rescources. Does anyone know if these triumph six pin gas...
  5. Covid-19 and motorcycle sales

    Speed Triple Forum
    I just read that triumph is laying off 400 people. How will this affect the sticker price of new models and is this a bad time to buy a triumph speed triple RS or should I wait until the prices are more affected by the global pandemic. Please share your thoughts
  6. Y2000 S3 Rear Brake upgrade question

    Speed Triple Forum
    Apologies if this has been asked before, I've a Y2000 S3 with the usual poor back brake issue. I'm about to strip the swinging arm to replace the suspension linkage bearings etc and whilst its in bits I'm thinking of upgrading the rear brake set up. I remember from a few years back that a...
  7. Speed triple bad ecu?

    Speed Triple Forum
    Hey all, I’m coming into a 2006 speed triple. The current owner believes the ecu maybe bad. The bike has new injectors, new fuel pump and tank has been cleaned. The bike sat outside for a little While and wasn’t ran for close to a year. it has spark, good compression, it turns over. But will not...
  8. Upgrade/maintenance to complete when splitting engine cases?

    Speed Triple Forum
    I've just extracted the engine in my '09 S3 for the second time, and I'm about to open up the cases for the first time. Someone decided to snack on a gear about 1000 miles after I had last removed the engine... I swapped out the timing chain on my last removal since I had about 60k miles on...
  9. Trying to find OEM/Aftermarket plastics, 2007 Speed Triple

    Speed Triple Forum
    Has anyone has any luck? I had a broken tab on my left side, then a bolt go stripped out so I had to break the front tab to get the bolt and nut out of the tank. I've been searching and I was wondering if anyone has found anything or knows of any suitable replacements for this bike? TIA

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - EFI Triples
    OEM lubricated chain and sprocket kit. Product is new and never been used. Nothing is wrong with the chain or sprocket. Contact for more information. PART NO: A9950006 FITMENT: DAYTONA 595 / 955i, SPEED TRIPLE (From VIN 141872 to VIN 210444), SPEED TRIPLE 885cc\955cc (EFI) (Up to VIN...
  11. Turbo 99' Speed Triple Build

    Speed Triple Forum
    Well, It’s time to turbo my 99’ Speed Triple. I LOVE THIS BIKE! It has just over 65k miles on it, including several cross-country trips. I have a couple of Triumphs, or it would have more miles on it. Last month, I let my girlfriend borrow it to ride to Arkansas to see family. While she was...
  12. Ermax Nose Fairing

    Moto Machines
    Ermax has some awesome products for many different Triumph models. The Nose Fairing for the Street Triple is one of the slickest screens available for that model! These screens offer enough protection from the wind to save any blasts to your chest without taking away all the styles of the...
  13. Long time Triumph rider, designer living in Grand Rapids Michigan

    The Welcome Center
    Hey all! Nice to be part of the community, I hope to share my exploits on my Speed Triple at the track and I might even post some of my motorcycle art, once I read through the posting rules to make sure that's ok of course. Anyone who'd like to see some motorcycle illustrations/video game...
  14. Hello

    The Welcome Center
    Hello Guys, I am new here and hope I can find and share some good information about Speed Triple. Is a pleasure. Thank you Daniel
  15. MD '09 Speed Triple - $5500

    Triumph motorcycles For Sale/Wanted - USA - Canada
    Model: 2009 Triumph Speed Triple Color: Fusion White Mileage:6300 Miles Price: $5500 Garage Kept on Battery Tinder - Tons of mods, accessories, and stock parts... we can negotiate a good deal for anyone interested and serious about purchase... even if you don't want any extras. ____ Penkse 8983...
  16. Speed triple clocks

    The Welcome Center
    Hey triumphrats. I've had a problem for a while. I'm not sure if it's been covered in other posts but if so, please send me the link. I have a 2009 speed triple that I bought a while ago. The previous owner mentioned that the ecu was fried so I got one as soon as I got the bike. It didn't help...
  17. 2010 Speed Triple 15th Anniversary - eBay starting $7500 tomorrow

    Triumph motorcycles For Sale/Wanted - USA - Canada
    Hi Guys, Despite my better manly judgment, I'm selling my 2010 Speed Triple 15th Anniversary. It only has 3600 miles and is near mint condition. I live in Cincinnati and the eBay posting will go live as of 10p EST tomorrow night (Thursday, July 5). I'll add the link once it's live. The bidding...
  18. New register long time reader

    The Welcome Center
    Hello, Like the title says...registering cause I need some help. I'm a huge triumph fan. My first Triumph was a 09 Daytona 675. When my first born was almost here I had a serious talk with myself about riding and traded it in for a Honda shadow phantom. Worst mistake ever but here I am...
  19. 2010 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 Engine Swap options

    The Welcome Center
    Hello, I'm new to the forum here but have read great discussions with quality feedback on the site. I have a crack in my engine block on my 2010 Speed Triple 1050 and want to see what VIN ranges of engines are compatible for an engine swap. The last 6 digits on my VIN are 419454. I've...
  20. Hi

    The Welcome Center
    Hi, I have been a Triumph Speed Triple T509 owner for 5 months, mines a 1998 model and I've managed to complete a light overhaul of the bike: New fluids and filters New water pump New crankshaft valve seal (no more blue smoke!) New pads all round New fork seals and dust seals New bars and...