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  1. Speed Triple Forum
    I’ve had my 2011 ST3r for 6 years and still love it but really looking for something with more power and excitement. My bike is tuned with full exhaust and makes 119HP (I forgot the torque number at the moment) and it’s truly a pleasure riding and I am considering a 2020 Speed RS but wondering...
  2. Sprint Forum
    Hello, this is my first post after lurking for a while. I have a mongrel of a bike using the 2006 Sprint 1050 engine, ECU and wiring harness/ loom in a 955 Speedy frame. I tried the start the bike today and I am getting no power to the starter. I can bridge the starter solenoid and bypass the...
  3. Speed Triple Forum
    I have an 05’ Speed Triple and it decided to start leaking oil from this area, but I don’t know what the area is called so I don’t know how I can replace it! Help!
  4. Speed Triple Forum
    Hi guys , Speedy is due for oil change and I am planning to try liqui moly this time. I am getting a mixed feed back while motul 300v seems to be getting a better feedback from this forum . I was checking the old threads for an answer . But nothing specific saying liquimoly is bad or good ...
  5. Speed Triple Forum
    I'm new to the Triumph family as of last weekend, but holy hell am I in love so far. The Speed Triple is an absolute blast to ride and such a beaut to look at. I bought used from a private seller who put on rearsets. The issue is that (1) I prefer the stock mid-controls, and (2) they don't...
  6. Speed Triple Forum
    I’ve been in search of some passenger pegs for about a month now and can’t find any. Any suggestions on where to find some? Also, are there other pegs that’d work on an 05’ Speed Triple? I have an aftermarket exhaust on it which could change the pegs I could use on it.
  7. Speedy Von Speed

    Here's my Speed. Love this bike!
1-7 of 8 Results