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  1. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Hi all, Got the new street scrambler sandstorm edition. Awesome bike and my first triumph. The bike comes with upgraded LED signal/brake lights. Problem is, they get in the way of luggage racks made that would normally fit a street scrambler (non-sandstorm edition). Does anyone have a solution...
  2. Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I am thinking about replacing turn and brake signals on my Thruxton 1200 R with LEDs. Mostly to get brighter lights, but also to lessen power consumption. I have some electric accessories hooked up (video camera recorder, phone/GPS charger) which are straining already weak battery. If there is...
  3. Club Cafe'
    I'm looking to install the Motogadget M.Blaze LED Pin signals on my 2015 Thruxton. I can't decide whether to get the shock mounts, or underseat mounts from Motone. Aside from personal preference, is there anything functionally speaking I should be aware of when deciding on a mounting position...
  4. Club Cafe'
    Im looking to replace my signals with low profile ones from British Customs, for my '15 Thruxton. I will also do a fender elimination kit. I am wondering, do I need any special mounting hardware for the rear signals? I notice they make a mounting bracket for the front signals but not the rear as...
  5. Clear Alternatives Signals

    Smoked Clear Alternatives signal lens replacements
  6. Clear Alternatives Signals

    Smoked Clear Alternatives signal lens replacements
1-6 of 6 Results