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  1. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    I recently purchased a 2022 Speed Twin and found the factory seat to be pretty uncomfortable. After a couple of months with little to no improvements, I decided to search out for an aftermarket and landed on the “Greaser” Alcantara version from Crafton Atelier. The looks of this seat is what...
  2. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    I have a stock 2020 T100 with the Aegean Blue paint job. It has the standard black seat with the white piping. I'm considering an upgrade for the seat - maybe the British Customs slammer, for its extra height - and thinking about going with the brown color. I am also considering some brown...
  3. Daytona Deliberations
    So I decided to upgrade the seat cover from vinyl to leather easy to fit and goes straight over the top and fixed in place by staples very happy with it. Should have come from the factory with these fitted.
  4. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Simple as that. Have damage to my seat on the 2010 SE, and it's an opportunity to have a more comfortable and stylish seat.
  5. Club Cafe'
    Hi, I am a new Thruxton 1200R owner and new to the forum. My Thruxton is a 2017 model with standard seat. I need a Dual comfort seat for it but all Triumph information shows that the seat has been discontinued and I cannot find on anywhere. I have learned that there is a new seat kit under...
  6. Tiger's 885i & 955i - Mods & Workshop
    These are take-offs from my personal bike. The Corbin seat is in very good condition with very, very minimal signs that it's been used. $400 USD The windscreen is also in very good condition — almost as-new. $150 USD Please let me know if you have any questions. If bought together, can...
  7. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Looking at one on which I have been offereda good deal and will suit my bike. Advice appreciated.
  8. Club Cafe'
    Anyone have any leads or recommendations for a thruxton seat cowl? Either used or new?
  9. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    My '68 T100C restoration is nearing completion and the last thing I have to decide on is the seat. I've heard very good things about Corbin seats but I wanted to see what other options are out there. I'm a smaller rider (5'7, 150ibs) so I'm leaning towards low profile seats to lose some...
  10. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hey all, Upon purchasing my bike in 2018 I immediately replaced the seat and lights which left me with a rather large box with the original seat and lights taking up space in my basement. Is there any interest here? Anyone want the whole lot for $150 inclusive of shipping? Not looking to get...
  11. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    Took a bit but the Maverick Customs seat has arrived, mounted and the quality is all there!
1-11 of 51 Results