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    I’m sorry if this question has been asked. I’m grateful if someone can direct me to the right place. I just installed the quickshifter on my trident 660 today. When I just left the dealer’s place, it works fine. I can change gear up and down smoothly with like 10-15% throttle open between 1-4...
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    Hello everyone! ;) I've placed an order for the Trident 660 and am very excited about it! But I've decided to go with a quick shifter this time. I was riding a Triumph 2013 before on a regular clutch. And I've never used a quickshifter before. As I understand, I don't need to cut the throttle...
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    Hey Guys, just found you today. Bought an '11 Street Triple R two years ago for my 50th birthday. (Last model year of first generation ST with dual oval headlamps.) Looking to upgrade rearsets and add a quickshifter. Any suggestions? Thank you, and cheers! Michael
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    Hi all, It's nice to join this forum, all the way from Holland (Europe) in search of some helpfull answers. My first search is for any one who uses a quickshfter of a non Triumph brand. (Apparently the origional type is no longer available.) Although I like to find/ buy an origional...