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  1. Alpine Hearing Protection Motorcycle Earplugs

    Moto Machines
    There are so many reasons you should ride with motorcycle earplugs. The main reasons being wind noise from a motorcycle helmet, a loud ass exhaust, and perhaps a reason for wanting selective hearing... which can all be expensive problems to have unless you have some quality and affordable...
  2. Street Twin Headlight Guard

    Moto Machines
    Each Headlight Grille from Hepco & Becker is custom designed for each individual bike providing effective protection. These grilles are recommended for both off-road riding and regular street use to protect that expensive headlight. All Headlight Grilles come with instructions and are easy to...
  3. STR crash protection?

    Street Triple Forum
    I am looking to place some engine/clutch covers on my 2014 STR. I have seen many bikes with Triumphs factory brand covers made from long glass nylon, but I know R&G makes a set out of polypropylene. Anyone have any insight as to which would would provide better protection, longevity, fitment...

    Moto Machines
    We are doing a giveaway for one accessory from Hepco & Becker up to $500!! All you have to do is go to our Instagram page (@motomachines), follow us, like the picture, and tag two friends to enter the giveaway. The giveaway ends on 1/31/20 so plenty of time to get on it! Here is a list of all...
  5. Customer's Tiger 800 Kitted

    Moto Machines
    A happy customer sent us photos of his new Tiger 800 with a Hepco & Becker tank guard and a Scorpion Serket Slip-on Exhaust! Check it out! Check out the Tank Guard for the Tiger 800 XR/XRX/XRT/XC/XCX/XCA here! Check out the Scorpion Serket Slip-on Exhaust here!
  6. Hepco & Becker Tiger 800 XR/XRx/XRt Products

    Moto Machines
    Hepco and Becker have been manufacturing top of the line accessories for Triumph motorcycles for quite some time now! The Tiger 800 has about 30 different Hepco & Becker accessories available that include crash bars, luggage mounts, and luggage. Below is an image of a Tiger 800 outfitted in...
  7. Ermax Nose Fairing

    Moto Machines
    Ermax has some awesome products for many different Triumph models. The Nose Fairing for the Street Triple is one of the slickest screens available for that model! These screens offer enough protection from the wind to save any blasts to your chest without taking away all the styles of the...
  8. Our Office's Bonneville Kitted in Hepco & Becker

    Moto Machines
    We wanted to share some pictures of our Bonneville T120 with some Hepco & Becker accessories attached! We will link every item for you! :smile2: Side Carrier (engine guard in the background) Rear Rack Journey 42 Liter Side Cases in Black Engine Guard from the back Find your...
  9. 2019 Speed Twin Engine Guard

    Moto Machines
    Hepco & Becker engine guards provide protection in case of an accident or fall. Custom designed for each bike to bolt on without drilling. All engine guards come with the required installation hardware and instructions. Hepco & Becker just unveiled this new guard for the 2019 Speed Twin! Yes, it...
  10. Hepco & Becker Skid Plate

    Moto Machines
    The engine skid plate is designed to protect the underside of your motorcycle without compromising the design or functionality. All skid plates have their own carefully designed mounts that will ensure shocks are absorbed by the skid plate first. This pictures below are from the Tiger 800 skid...
  11. Spring Time!!

    Moto Machines
    Finally, the riding season is almost here! Now is the time to knock the dust off of your Triumph :wink2: Kit out your bike with Hepco & Becker, Ermax, Pyramid Plastics and more at Moto Machines! :smile2: We'll even make it easier for here to find your Triumph model to see all...
  12. Hepco & Becker Products

    Moto Machines
    Hey Triumph riders, Hepco & Becker is a German manufacturer that has awesome accessories for your bike! From crash bars to luggage, Hepco & Becker produce quality products that we highly recommend at Moto Machines. We currently are running a sale for forum members, so enter in the discount code...
  13. NEW Hepco Becker Xceed Cases!!!

    Moto Machines
    We are proud to announce that the new Xceed cases from Hepco and Becker are now available! Hepco and Becker delivered a truly spectacular case. Modern design paired with a solid plastic/aluminum construction makes the Xceed an impressive side case for any motorcycle. Xceed cases feature a new...
  14. Hepco & Becker Engine Guards

    Moto Machines
    Hepco & Becker produce a strong and reliable engine guard for all sorts of Triumph models. Protect your investment with these guards to ensure your bike will be safe in case of a crash or fall. The Hepco & Becker Engine guard does not stand out too far on the sides but keeps the engine safe...
  15. Pyramid Plastics Accessories

    Moto Machines
    Pyramid Plastics has useful and affordable accessories for the Tiger. For example, the Fenda Extenda is easy to install and very helpful. This piece extends the fender on the front tire to prevent road debris from kicking up and damaging the engine, radiator, oil cooler and bodywork of the bike...
  16. Tiger Accessories!!!

    Moto Machines
    Just a reminder here that we have accessories for your Triumph. More specifically, we have center stands, pannier racks, skid plates, crash guards, and windshields! If you have a Tiger and you are looking for a bit more functionality on your adventures and trips, there are rear racks and side...