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  1. Normal 2013 Street Triple spring preload problem

    Street Triple Forum
    Good morning, I tried to adjust my rear suspension spring preload of my normal 2013 Street Triple. I read the manual on how to do it and when I started to turn the adjuster ring, the whole rear suspension started to turn. I got confused and turned the whole suspension right back as I'm not sure...
  2. Front end undulation/bounce - preload adjustment

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Ok, I have had a problem with a bounce /undulation at 40-50 mph for a while. I switched the tires to Michelin Activ and the bounce is still there.I am checking different things but was wondering if my preload could do this. I am 165 lbs and I have the fronts with 4 lines showing and the rear...
  3. New Member

    The Welcome Center
    I'm on here because of Forchetto. He is the ONLY person who knew that there's a tool in the side panel of my Bonneville that would help me adjust my rear preload. Thanks, dude!