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  1. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi, What kind of oil is reccomended? My plan is to use Castrol 10w40 fully synthetic.
  2. Speed Triple Forum
    I have an 05’ Speed Triple and it decided to start leaking oil from this area, but I don’t know what the area is called so I don’t know how I can replace it! Help!
  3. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hi, First time caller here. I have a 2017 T120 Black that I got used last year in a private sale. Ran great all last summer. I'm going to be replacing my peashooters with some British Custom 3.5" slip on exhaust pipes, but I need to get them ceracoated in black before I do that. I'm in the...
  4. Street Triple Forum
    I just got a 2019 Striple RS 2 weeks ago (brand new 13 miles on it) did my first oil change at 602miles and I smelled gas in my oil. I have never owned a brand new bike so idk if this is normal during break in or if I need to take it to the shop. Also I tried to find something similar in the...