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  1. The Welcome Center
    My name is Peter and I am from Holland. I own a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. I am 54 years old and I have been riding since I was 10 years old. I owned a lot of motorcycles over the years. Hope to enjoy the Tiger for a long time. Glad to join the Community!
  2. The Welcome Center
    G'day, I just picked up a black 2010 Thunderbird 1600 this week. Lots to read and learn about here, and I am looking at getting some OEM handlebars to replace the previous owners bars (T-Bars would be nice) Cheers, Steve in Melbourne
  3. Sprint Forum
    Hey yall, just bought my first Sprint ST also my first Triumph ever. 2008 ST ABS 25k, rode it back from Indiana to Denver. Already love the bike, suspension is magic carpet over bumps, and the engine is smooth almost to a fault (more in a minute). So i bought the bike unseen in person and rode...
  4. The Welcome Center
    I am a new member from the low country of SC. I have a full custom 67 T100R. I have owned it since 70. It is in need of some TLC. On my list of changes is a complete new front end with disc brakes. I'm looking to purchase a front end from a salvage yard. It does not need to be a Triumph...
  5. The Welcome Center
    Thinking to hang it up after many years, I was talked into riding a "Triumph". I was drawn to the classic simplicity of the Speed Twin - no yellow suspension but gaiters! Agile and powerful, it handled small leaving just the road in front of me. I bought it immediately after riding it. I have...
  6. The Welcome Center
    Howdy folks! Picked up a 2019 765 R about 2 months ago. I LOVE it but I have that crunchy clutch issue; ugh.
  7. The Welcome Center
    Found a steal on craigslist this past week, I've been ogling over getting a triumph street triple for as long as I can remember now and went and test rode a few competitors including a Ducati Monster 821 stealth, Monster 1200S, KTM 790 Duke, Honda CB1000R, and even a new Street Triple 765 RS and...
  8. The Welcome Center
    Greetings all - I'm a new member here despite 30+ years of riding Triumphs, both Meriden's and Hinkley's....
  9. The Welcome Center
    Hi Everyone, just joined : British (Hertfordshire) Bike rider : own Black T100 Bonny 2015 After a number of years out, returned to biking with a number of friends, always wanted the Black T100 and convert to Cafe Racer ! Stage 1 complete NH Togas (ebay £130) to fit ... next Thruxton seat and...
  10. The Welcome Center
    Hello all, Philip here. Have loved using this site as a reference in the past but wanted to get more involved and get my hands dirty as well as maybe connecting with some other local Triumph riders. Fell in love with Triumphs when I first saw Steve McQueen on one in the great escape! Have...
  11. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, Just joined up here after recently picking up a 2014 Street Triple R ABS. I'm from Sydney and live for escaping the city up Putty Rd on the weekends! Looking forward to exploring the forums and chatting with fellow Triumph Rats. Cheers, Zac
  12. The Welcome Center
    I'm new to the motorcycle world having just finished my class and acquired my endorsement. I bought my first bike today... 2011 Triumph Speedmaster which means I'm also new to the Triumph family. I'm ready for lots of new adventures!
  13. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, Thruxton rider (900 not the 1,200!), based in Hemel Hempstead, North of London, but travel daily to London. Few problems with the bike of late! Post winter issues, wouldn't start! Hopefully back out on the road soon as the sun will be coming through! GSB
  14. The Welcome Center
    New to this forum. Just purchased a 1965 T100c (1970) engine and a few well thought out mods which wont please the traditionalists (digital speedo and tacho anyone) by previous owner. Ground up rebuild just gone through the vinning process and has 4 kilometers on clock since rebuild. Primarily...
  15. The Welcome Center
    Been some years, as my last Triumph was green 98 Speed Triple, but I’m back to the fold. Bought the only used Street Triple RS I could find in the US. Love the thing so far. I’d had my fill of “Adventure” bikes with my Ducati Pikes Peak Multi.....high, heavy, and awkward compared to previous...
  16. The Welcome Center
    Hello citizens of! I've been a triumph owner for just under two years now. Riding on a 2015 SE Bonnie. I've made great use of these forums in the past to troubleshoot a couple problems on my finicky girl. There's a new problem though, and I was not able to find a definitive...
  17. The Welcome Center
    Hi there, I've been perusing this site for, well, YEARS I suppose at this stage, but haven't registered until today. As it turns out it took me getting to the end of my wits (which anyone that knows me will testify to being a short journey) with regards to an issue I am having with my beloved...
1-17 of 17 Results