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    So I'm currently in the process of doing a major rebuild of my 04 Bonneville. I've had the bike for about 8 years now and I've never been a fan of the factory wiring, among other things I've already remedied for the most part. It's complexity, overall bulk, routing and unsightliness with the...
  2. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    So I've been left with installing my Moto scopepro my mechanic unfortunately passed, I'm stuck with the wiring to the break out "box b". Is there anyone that's sorted for dummies the colouring of the wiring and what goes where? I'm on a 2015 Thruxton!
  3. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hey all - I'm creating this thread to track updates I'm making to my Bonneville. It'll be a good place to add some information to the community, and an easy place for me to get some help. The plan: Motogadget speedo Cognitio Moto Triple Clamp Ignition & Regulator Relocation LSL Headlight...