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  1. Oops

    Air Cooled Twins Talk
    So, reading different forums I came across the idea to switch out my left and right mirrors to opposite sides, giving it a sleeker look. Stupidly I ended up stripping the end of one of the bolts and now my left mirror won’t attach properly to the bar end. I’m not sure but might have even messed...
  2. 1999 Speed Triple - both headlights on for dipped beam

    Speed Triple Forum
    New to the forum, but have had my bike nearly 3 years now. Having worked on the bike lately following a spill (thanks to construction vehicles dropping shite on the road), I've been looking around at things to do and have seen that a good few people have both lights on when on dipped beam. I...
  3. Introduction and Bonneville Mods Question

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    I introduced myself yesterday but the website thinks I haven't, so can't post this in the right spot. So, I'll try here! Name's Brett, live in Seattle. Have a 2017 (cinder red) Bonneville T120. Interested in (bit by bit) blacking it out. Was thinking that I could start with the engine...