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  1. Evotech Performance Short Clutch And Brake Lever Set Triumph Tiger 800

    Moto Machines
    Evotech Performance levers are CNC from billet aluminum. Finished in an anodized black coating for longevity. A six click positioning adjuster for making those little tweaks. The aesthetics of the levers are only surpassed by the quality of the manufacturing. Individual levers can be purchased...
  2. What levers fit the 765 R?

    Street Triple 765
    Hi there, I've been looking for some preferably shorty levers that will fit a 2018 Street Triple R. Any luck? Everywhere I look I don't see anything as compatible but given my experiences in the past of things fitting but not being listed that way I figured I'd ask. Personally I'm a fan of CRG...
  3. Consistently Soft (Spongy) Front Break

    Street Triple Forum
    I have bought used Street Triple 2014 already in this condition. Lever is set to number 1 (out of 4) - hardest option. Still when I am breaking, first 2-4 cm of level play basically no breaking, then in last 1-2 cm starts to break, but it will easily touch the handle. what was done: - first I...