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  1. 1999 Legend- Middle cylinder

    Hinckley Classic Triples
    New to the Forum and new to Triumph motorcycles. I picked up a 1999 Legend last fall from a gentlemen in Vermont, 11K miles but had been sitting for too long. It started and ran, but rough. I ordered a carb kit and pulled them apart this past weekend, cleaned and adjusted, this site was very...
  2. Triumph Legend 2001

    Triumph Legend 2001

    The evenings are quickly getting darker here in Sweden. My Legend is mostly standard, but with motocross handlebar, the cool Harmonica badge on the tank and a T-bird saddle with suits a big guy like me better than the (more good looking) original. The chep Emgo cones is a Little bit to loud to me bu
  3. Triumph Legend in Spain

    Triumph Legend in Spain

    In the mountains of Northern Spain
  4. Nology Coils

    Nology Coils

    The Nology Coils on my Legend