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  1. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hello all, I have a 2001 t100 that just got rejetted for pea shooter exhaust and fresh over haul” on carbs”. Today I rode it for a 20 minute commute and I noticed every time I would open it up the bike either stalled or started to misfire. She idles and cruises ok but when I want to give it some...
  2. Triumph Trident Forum
    I have a brand new 660, and if i stop fairly fast, pull in the clutch, then after coming to a complete stop, the bike will not go into first gear... it can got into 2nd, - 6th and back down, but not N and first I have spoken to the service dept. and they asked "is it a new bike then yes, they...
  3. Sprint Forum
    Hi everyone, New to the forum and essentially a mechanical newbie so be gentle please! Went to go out for a ride last Thursday, started her up, got to the top of my street so about 20m, then she just cut out. Was working fine 2 days prior. Drained the battery trying to start her up. Jumped...
1-3 of 3 Results