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  1. Introduction

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    Hello All, My name is Steve Everson. I've been following the boards for a while and using the info I get from it as best as I can. I am relatively new to Triumphs. I hope to continue learning from the boards and will be interacting soon. Thanks!
  2. Hello

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    Hello Guys, I am new here and hope I can find and share some good information about Speed Triple. Is a pleasure. Thank you Daniel
  3. New rodent

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    Hi all Just registered, so I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm considering a motorcycle after a 20yr hiatus, and Triumphs have captured my eye, so naturally this seems like the right place to get myself well informed with everything Triumph before I take the plunge. Hence here I am, about to...
  4. 2015 Street Triple RX

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    Hi All, I am new here ! I am riding a 2015 Street Triple RX. I have a youtube channel documenting all the things I do with and to my bike (among other things) Please check it out if you'd like and subscribe. Youtube :
  5. Hello from South Africa

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    Hi, I am all the way from South Africa and ride a 2012 Triumph Tiger 800XC. She has some basic upgrades that I have made (see below) and a few more in the pipeline planned. Exhaust (Custom Scorch Berserker and De-Cat) Video below. Install: Sound: LED indicators: ECU flashed Spotlights...
  6. Introduction and Bonneville Mods Question

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    I introduced myself yesterday but the website thinks I haven't, so can't post this in the right spot. So, I'll try here! Name's Brett, live in Seattle. Have a 2017 (cinder red) Bonneville T120. Interested in (bit by bit) blacking it out. Was thinking that I could start with the engine...
  7. Hi from India

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    Hello from India guys! My name is Saulat and I'm riding a 2016 Street Twin in Bangalore India. Lovely Bike and looking forward to get some good insight from this forum. Cheers!
  8. Hi

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    I am Mohamed Aslam, I live in india. I own a Street Triple 765 S which is bought in Sept 2017.