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  1. 2002 Bonneville Overcooked Battery/Complete Loss Of Power.

    Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of head-scratcher regarding my bike; a 2002 Bonneville. About a week ago, I began noticing the bike struggling to start while hitting the ignition. It would click initially before turning over and starting. This problem was intermittent for a few days but then became...
  2. New Member

    The Welcome Center
    Hello, been reading this site for a while and decided to join tonight. I could use some help. I am trying to solve the dreaded off idle stutter that others seem to experience on my 2014 thruxton 900 EFI. I spent time tonight testing the coil and spark plug wires. I am not sure if I found...
  3. Check Engine(MIL) light - Thruxton R

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi Guys, Just wanted to share a recent incident with my Thruxton R which is now resolved. Issue : The Malfunction Indicator Light came on while riding (odo 3500). No limp home mode, accel/decel seemed fine. Went home and pulled the code from the speedometer display (-2 ps15). Also noticed...
  4. Daytona FL

    Daytona FL

    I rode to Daytona from Miami Beach,FL on September 2014 because was the cannonball run, over 70 motorcycles makes between 1918-1930 Amazing Motorcycles!