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  1. Street Triple Fuelling, and Fuel Tank hoses

    Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys Hope everyone is doing alright. Having a problem with my Striple which I'm hoping for some assistance with. Problem: When the bike is started, throttle needs to be applied to keep the engine running for about 10 seconds, else she will die. After keeping the revs up but low for a few...
  2. Stutter and stalls

    The Welcome Center
    Hi, I'm experiencing some problems with when running my Thuxton EFI 900 2014 (stutter and stalls), in a youtube video indicate that when using "TTP Blue Flame Ignition Coils" the problem is gone, the issue is that this Ignition Coils is for carbureted motorcycles, do you have any ideas what may...
  3. Daniel from Seattle: 2006 T100

    The Welcome Center
    Hi There - Purchased a 2006 T100 after riding a friend's. Everything was going brilliantly until I gave the bike a quick wash, when it started have idle problems. I played with the carburetors and got close, but then the bike dies or RPM starts to climb steadily to around 3000. I will be...
  4. ST Idle suddenly HIGH

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    2017 ST, 3000 miles, never a problem. Out of the blue today, upon starting, it decided to idle around 2500rpm, and it stayed there. Rode it about 10 miles, no change, although the bike seemed to accelerate better than usual. Removed the snorkel and looked into the air box to make sure there were...
  5. 2011 Street Triple - rough idle from cold, stalling in low throttle conditions

    Street Triple Forum
    Hiya all, let me start by thanking all of you for giving your time to this excellent forum - I have done a lot of troubleshooting based off of ideas from other posts in here before posting this myself. Now, to my issue... Previous mods of mechanical note: Aftermaket exhaust - EXAN X-Black Evo...