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  1. Givi Rack + B.C. Tail Light?

    Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I have installed the British Customs Pan Tail Light on the fender of my ‘16 Street Twin and am considering a Givi SR6407 luggage rack. I’m concerned there will not be enough clearance. Anyone know?
  2. For Sale: Givi Trekker bag set with mount frame

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - Carbed Triples & Fours
    folks, after 8 years I am upgrading the bike, and have a set of Givi Trekker Bags. comes with two 33L side bags, one 46L top bag, that has the rack and back rest. comes with the Givi frame for the tiger 800, the side bags have the Aux lighting installed and can be tied into the rear...
  3. Givi top rack and Coo Case

    Givi top rack and Coo Case

    2009 Triumph Bonneville Givi top rack and CooCase.