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first bike

  1. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    Hey! I was looking at a 2016 Speedmaster that really interested me. It will be my first bike (unless you want to count a 125cc Honda Grom lol) but I was wondering if the bike would be too large for me. I’m about 5’7 with a 30” seam. There aren’t any dealers around me that have any in stock and...
  2. The Welcome Center
    Hi all! I have only owned one bike in my life and it was a dirt bike, so I am new to the motorcycle family (of owning, been riding on/off for 10 years) and new to the Triumph family. I took my bonny out today on the PCH through malibu and then through the canyons to the Rock Store which was...