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  1. Tiger 1200 - Mods & Workshop
    Hello, I'm a 1200XRx rider and have a problem. This is my second Tiger 1200 but never need this information until today. I tried to adjust my handlebar but after completed my left controls stopped working. Horn, clutch lever check, buttons don't working after adjustment. I guess that a socket...
  2. The Welcome Center
    hi folks, my name is connor and i purchased my first triumph today which is a 2012 explorer 1200. it has a good spec, just wondering if anyone has fitted a heated seat or headlight covers etc. any insight would be greatly appreciated on the best place to purchase accessories and fitting them...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi all, this morning I walked into an independent dealer that also sells Triumph bikes, to have a pesky leaky BMW R100GSPD wheel/tire fitted with an inter tube. While waiting at the shop, I looked over a very nice 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer XCA, with panniers, top case, tankbag, passenger seat...