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  1. Moto Machines
    The team at Moto Machines is doing another giveaway via Instagram! This time, we've decided to give away a MIVV Exhaust up to $600 in value to one lucky rider who follows MotoMachines, likes the giveaway post, and tags two friends in the comment section. The giveaway ends on 11/25/19 and the...
  2. Moto Machines
    Hey, Triumph riders! Moto Machines is doing a Scorpion Exhaust giveaway on our Instagram up to $600 dollars in value! Go on our Instagram @motomachines and you'll see the post for the giveaway! There are instructions in the caption but basically, all you need to do is like the picture, follow...
  3. Moto Machines
    Suono Exhausts from MIVV has a very distinct look showing the best of decades of Italian craftsmanship! The design on this muffler is unlike other exhausts featuring a styled line from front to backcombed with an upward flare. In addition to the clamp, the end caps are made of carbon fiber and...
  4. Moto Machines
    Scorpion Serket Taper Slip-On Exhausts are the modern solution to flat performance and unnecessary weight. Save now on both weight and loss of power by opting for 'Red Power' made possible from the world leader in exhausts. These Serket exhausts feature a distinctive 6 facet profile all around...
  5. Moto Machines
    Adding an aftermarket exhaust to your motorcycle is truly one of the best upgrades you can make. In terms of weight and performance, it's number one. Scorpion Exhausts are handmade in Derbyshire, England near the Donington Park Race Circuit. The company is comprised of both car and motorcycle...
  6. Moto Machines
    Moto Machines is the new U.S. importer of Scorpion Exhausts and we could not be more excited! Browse the different options and finishes of these exhausts and upgrade your Triumph exhaust today! :grin2: Read more about Scorpion Exhausts here!
  7. Club Cafe'
    Hey, I'm loving the looks but was wondering about the remapping. Currently, I'm running British Customs Predator Pro with the arrow 2 into 1 exhaust map. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Cheers,
  8. The Welcome Center
    Hello Riders! I am a new rider, just got my used but almost new 2015 Bonneville Newchurch with 900km! I love it so much and I am so excited to modify it the way I like. I have already started looking for a new exhaust and I think I am going for the Predator Slip on exhaust but I am still...
  9. The Welcome Center
    Hello all, I recently finished assembling the top end of a 1977 Bonneville t140, but I am having some issues. long story short we paid a guy to fix it after it sat for 30 years and it got it running. we later found out it had an oil leak and we had another guy re-bore the cylinders and valve...
  10. The Welcome Center
    Hi! I'm new to the forum. Have had a Thruxton 900 since last year and am passionately in love with it. I have a question about how different exhausts affect the character of sound you get, anybody knows where I should post to bring it up?
  11. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Similar to this? I have been looking at as many videos as I can to hear what they sound like and they all either have a "chirp" or "rattle" to them that doesn't sound very flattering through my...
  12. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hello, new Thruxton R owner, just picked up a 2017 this month. I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust. I know it's a very subjective topic but I kinda like the sound of this exhaust. Thoughts?
  13. Speed Triple Forum
    Hello Triumph Fans, I'm looking at adding a new exhaust to my Speed Triple 2016. The guys at the garage tried hard to persuade me NOT to go with an SC Project system, as they're not covered by warranty AND they make the bike run lean unless a proper ECU remapping is completed - if this work...
  14. Street Triple Forum
    Hi there! i recently bought a street triple r 09' with 24600Km. a great bike! im the second owner. the previous replaced the stock exhaust with a 3-1 HP Corse Hydroform. im so glad he did that! great looks and even better sound! monster sound! in addition i changed the air filter (which looked...
  15. The Welcome Center
    Fellow Triumph Lovers, I recently realised my dream and purchased my first Triumph. I'm hoping to meet with other riders to ride with, but also to learn from. I'm looking to make some upgrades on my bike (mainly a new exhaust) and I'm hoping that I can find the best solution with the wisdom of...
  16. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, I picked up a 2013 Speed Triple SE ABS last season and I love it. It's my fourth bike following an 848, Z1000, and SV1000s. I'm doing some maintenance over the winter and I've run into a lot of confusion with what Arrow 3-1 low mount exhaust part numbers will fit this bike and VIN...
  17. CARPY1Thruxton


    This is me with my 2013 Thruxton, Have my Own Stainless "Monarch" exhaust system on it and a power commander and is fun to ride.
  18. Arrow exhaust

    Arrow exhaust

    Arrow exhaust
  19. Street Triple Exhaust

    Street Triple Exhaust

    Some Street Triple Parts For Sale
  20. Street Triple Exhaust

    Street Triple Exhaust

    Some Street Triple Parts For Sale