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  1. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Guys, my 2016 triumph scrambler engine failed on me at 50k due to a bad oil pump gear. Now I’m looking at doing an engine swap. I know that the Bonnie/ thruxton engines will not work without some wire harness and coil work but since the speed master is a 270 will it work? I’ve done a little...
  2. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hi all! Has anyone come across an engine stand for 865 Bonnie's? Looking to do a complete rebuild and was trying to avoid building one from scratch! Thanks in advance! Ashley
  3. Street Triple Forum
    I started wearing earplugs while riding and as soon as I didn't wear them, I began to notice more sounds coming from the bike in general than before wearing them. If it makes sense. All sounds good but I'm unsure whether this clicking sound is normal or not. Now the bike has 22.500km on it, the...
  4. Street Triple Forum
    Dear Triumphrat community. New owner here. Bought a used 2010 Street triple R with 66k kms. Its a brilliant bike and love to ride it. Yesterday, when in neutral i could feel a rattling going in the engine which would stop when pulling the clutch. there is no issue, at least not a one i can...
  5. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing ok in this crazy time. I’m looking for advice on taking care of my Bonneville T120 engine casing. It has some white discoloration and I’m wondering what I can do to treat it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. The Welcome Center
    Hi all, Glad to be with you all, yet it is a sad event that brings me here. Until last week I was a very happy middle-aged Street Triple RS owner, with joy in my cheeks every time I rode. However, six days ago my 765RS with under 9000kms on the clock failed spectacularly on me. Without warning...
  7. Moto Machines
    Hepco & Becker produce a strong and reliable engine guard for all sorts of Triumph models. Protect your investment with these guards to ensure your bike will be safe in case of a crash or fall. The Hepco & Becker Engine guard does not stand out too far on the sides but keeps the engine safe...
  8. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    can a efi head be put on a carb bonneville engine? Existing head is damaged beyond repair and cannot find a carb replacement for the right money but there seem to be more Efi heads out there. They have different part numbers but I cannot see a difference. Can I simply put an efi head on in place...