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  1. 1995 Daytona 1200, Sudden Electrical Non Start

    Daytona Deliberations
    Other Morning walkout to My 1995 Daytona 1200, Tap the Start button turns over no start. Second Tap Fires then Dies, choke issue. Tap Third time nothing no Lights nothing. Checked fuse it's Good. Get my Handy 2 Amp charger out, leave it about 1hr. Turn Key on the Lights Slowly Start to...
  2. Installing Innovv K2 on 2016 Street Twin

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hello everyone! I want to install the innovv k2 dual camera system on my 2016 Street Twin. My mechanical skills are minimal (I can do basic things like adjusting chain, removing tank, etc.), but nothing about electrical. I do have the Haynes Triumph Street Twin book, but I don't understand...
  3. Bonneville T100 Indicators stay on

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hey guys I fitted LED indicators, motogadget m blaze pins, on a ‘19 T100. All was well for awhile, then when I opened up the headlight the other day to take off a yellow film I put on, I look over an hour later and the left hand side indicators are just on. Not blinking, but dimly lit. If I turn...
  4. Pick-up Coil Connector Repair: 2005 T100

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi Everyone. I'm looking for a bit of electrical help. This is for my 2005 T-100 Carb 865cc. I found that I wasn't getting spark at the spark plugs after pulling the Carbs for a rebuild. I checked resistances of the Ignition HT coil - all were within spec. Although it took me some time to...
  5. New gauge and wiring diagram

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hi gents, Finally I have decided for a new gauge the Daytona W on my Thruxton EFI 2010 - non can bus It comes also with the lights for indicators , high beam and warnings light So I have made a wiring diagram but I’m not sure for the MIL / Low fuel light circuit can anybody cast an eye on...
  6. Speed Four Electrical Issues

    Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    So I replaced the R/R on my triumph speed four because I was having some charging issues and the internet said triumph R/Rs tend to suck. I got one aftermarket that was recommended that is a MOSFET-type. Battery seems to charge fine and the new led headlights I installed also working fine. But...
  7. Help! bike still cutting out when turning handlebar :(

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I know, I know, there are tons of discussions on this very topic (believe me, I lost count of how many I read :oops:) but the issue still persists. Essentially, the bike runs and idles fine most of the time but when I turn slightly right, it just dies as if I hit the kill switch. If the angle is...
  8. Halo on LED Headlights not working

    Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hello! I recently installed one of those cheap eBay led lights on my 14’ Bonneville. The light is working fine but I can’t get the halo ring to turn on at all The light has a H4 connector and there is another connector that v’s from that same line, which I assume is the connector that lights up...
  9. Dead Instruments and No Start - Urgent

    Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys Back here with an issue on my 2010 Street Triple. Was riding home from work when I looked down and the instrument cluster was dead; no rev lights, rev counter stuck at 3000 odd rpm, and no speedo. Indicator on cluster is working, and headlights functioning, and the bike was still...
  10. 2013> onward America/Speedmaster Electrical Diagram

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Just thought I would leave this here for anyone who needs it, since it was a bitch to find online.
  11. *Edit* OBD2 reader for Mac / iPhone?

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Took off my seat yesterday, and a big connector was unconnected. As I remember it, there were two0, and the upper one (towards front of bike) was unattached. What am i looking at?
  12. Street Triple 2010 Starting Issue

    Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys, first proper post. Been lurking without an account for years and want to say thanks for all the useful information I've gleaned so far. I'm hoping for some advice; I have a 2010 Street Triple that will not start. Clutch in, bike in neutral, stand up - when I hit the starter button the...
  13. Disaster to start the season- Electrical

    The Welcome Center
    Hi all, What a disaster to start the season. Checking the bike over and cleaning and came across the below mess. I get absolutely no power on instrument cluster. No headlights etc. No whine of the starter. All fuses are good, no breaks. '02 Daytona 955i I do not know what the name of the...
  14. 02 Triumph TT600 Project Bike- need help

    The Welcome Center
    Hello Ya all, I got a project bike 2002 TT600 kind of came in pieces and was laid down. It came tank off, and a few other pieces had to assemble cooling system and fairings. Following items have been cleaned or checked as working. 1. Fuel Pump, Fuel Injectors, fuel tank, and fuel lines 2...