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electrical issues

  1. Bonneville T100 Indicators stay on

    Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hey guys I fitted LED indicators, motogadget m blaze pins, on a ‘19 T100. All was well for awhile, then when I opened up the headlight the other day to take off a yellow film I put on, I look over an hour later and the left hand side indicators are just on. Not blinking, but dimly lit. If I turn...
  2. Electrical problems after BC Fender eliminator upgrade

    Air Cooled Twins Talk
    Hey all. I decided to swap out the bulky fender for a slim-lined tail light. I went with the British Customs fender eliminator kit, since it's a bolt-on, "plug and play" option. So I thought. First, I removed the fender and unplugged the factory tail light. That was the only thing that was...
  3. Speed Four Electrical Issues

    Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    So I replaced the R/R on my triumph speed four because I was having some charging issues and the internet said triumph R/Rs tend to suck. I got one aftermarket that was recommended that is a MOSFET-type. Battery seems to charge fine and the new led headlights I installed also working fine. But...
  4. 12’ Tiger Explorer Ignition Issue

    Tiger 1200 - Mods & Workshop
    I just recently bought a 2012 explorer and have noticed that once I turn the key on and let everything clear/prime I’ll hit the ignition start button a couple of times before it will finally turn over the motor. The motor is not trying to crank when the button is being pushed. Usually on the 3rd...
  5. 2013> onward America/Speedmaster Electrical Diagram

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Just thought I would leave this here for anyone who needs it, since it was a bitch to find online.
  6. And then I registered here...

    The Welcome Center
    Hi there, First of all, English is not my native tongue (please excuse typos/misspelling). I am living in California and enjoy the (only) lane splitting state on my now third and only motorcycle - A 2010 SPT 1050 (15th Anniversary Edition). Recently, I am trouble shooting electrical issues...