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    Hi guys, Sorry for the newbie question, but where can i find the ECU unit on the bike? Triumph tell me that it should be near the coolant header tank but I just can’t see it?
  2. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Hello all! It´s a shot in the dark but given the knowledgeable people in this forum I hope someone can shed some light on my problem! So a few days ago I had the misfortune of someone stealing my ECU from my bike while it was parked in a garage! He was kind enough not to cut or strip or make a...
  3. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I'm wanting to learn more about the TuneECU software while waiting for the cable to arrive. My big questions are what are the various graphs in the "Table" section and the what data is represented by the graphs and tables. Any help or other tips would be greatly appreciated.