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  1. Job Done

    Installation complete - chain to be adjusted.
  2. Tab Washer

    Locking tab is bent into place after sprocket holding nut is tightened to correct torque.
  3. Comparison Unriveted vs Riveted (Right)

    Joining link showing one pin already riveted (on right).
  4. Chain Held In Place

    Fitting rivet link is easier if loose end of chain are held in place on sprocket.
  5. Rivet Link

    Rivet Link for DID 50(530)VM X-Ring Chain
  6. New Rear Sprocket

    New 42T rear sprocket bolted to cush drive.
  7. Cleaned

    Old chain lube and road dirt cleaned out from behind sprocket cover.
  8. Ready for New Sprocket

    Cush drive cleaned ready to fir new sprocket.
  9. Cutting Chain

    Using DID KM501E tool to cut chain by pressing out pin.
  10. Placing Chain Cutting Tool

    Placing DID KM501E chain cutting tool in correct position. Tool has indents to locate on rivet heads on back side of chain.
1-13 of 13 Results