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  1. Daytona Deliberations
    All, firstly, any help would be greatly appreciated! I am all out of ideas. My 2004 Daytona 600 was running fine, suddenly after not riding for a week, the bike does not turn on. When I turn the key, dash lights come on, pump primes, everything works normal - except for when I press the...
  2. Triumph SuperSports
    Looking to upgrade my speedo on my 04 daytona 600. Something a little brighter and modern without it looking cheap. Any ideas?
  3. Triumph SuperSports
    So I think it is the stator but I’m not sure if it’s more than that.. Was riding on the highway today doing roughly 60mph when the engine started lagging until it eventually died (thankfully under a bridge). The speedo/odometer also stopped working as well. Bike would not start until i jumped...
  4. Triumph SuperSports
    Hello, I bought a triumph daytona 600cc 2003 model recently and got it delivered to me by a van recently. Now the problem I'm having is that after turning on the ignition, it seems as though the battery is dead because the odometer display is off and the neutral N light slowly fades out. When...
  5. Triumph SuperSports
    So, picked up a 04 600 Daytona. First bike since I quit 12 years ago. All fine until yesterday where the problems started. I'd done maybe 60 miles and on way home, started to feel a bit of splutter, then the speedo display went off. Pulled into layby and it cut out. The previous owner fitted a...
  6. Triumph SuperSports
    Hi guys, I’ve read loads around this site but can’t find an answer for the problem I am getting. I’ve not long got a Daytona 600 2004. I got it as a non runner and put a few good hours into it now. In which I had it started in the first couple thanks to a few relay swaps. The problem the bike...
  7. Triumph SuperSports
    Ok, so call me crazy.... and the purists that read my title have already turned their backs in shame, but here we go. I currently ride an America which I rescued from being written off... and the Triumph affair started (Been a Kawasaki man forever before that) So I’ve been looking at older...
  8. My 04 Daytona 600

    Hi just thought I would share a couple of pics of my 04 Daytona 600, custom decals with customer tank pad. Hope you enjoy
1-8 of 8 Results