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  1. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    New to the forum and currently rebuilding a 73 t140v 750 Bonneville. I just installed a new sludge tube in my crank. I originally bought an Allen plug but after a bit more research I went with a NOS style slotted plug because I wanted the weight to be same as the original plug. The new plug...
  2. Street Triple Forum
    Hey guys, first proper post. Been lurking without an account for years and want to say thanks for all the useful information I've gleaned so far. I'm hoping for some advice; I have a 2010 Street Triple that will not start. Clutch in, bike in neutral, stand up - when I hit the starter button the...
  3. T3 Sport / Touring Forum
    It happened. A major mechanical issue reared its ugly head: a blown bearing on the crank shaft. After much discussion with several mechanics, to include Triumph dealership experts, it has been recommended that I throw the bike on a "$500 Mechanics Special" ad on Craigslist and apply that...