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  1. Triumph Trident Forum
    Has anyone run a USB cable from under the seat to the handlebar on the Trident yet? I have the USB under the seat and want to run a cable to the front for GPS/phone charging and was wondering how people have tackled this.
  2. Speed Triple Forum
    When i bought it like this it was connected to the positive battery terminal. Can someone tell me what it is and if I should replace the ring connector on it if it is important, thanks! Its a 2004 speed triple 955i, working on my electrical issues today.
  3. Speed Triple Forum
    Hello, I've noticed battery issue on my Aprilia MX 125, done some testing and the symptoms are pretty strange. 1. unplugged generator/stator works fine, AC rises with RPM 2. When I plug it into the regulator, it's still ok on standby, DC is also ok. 3. I rise RPM when everything is plugged ->...
  4. The Welcome Center
    Hello all, I have been reading many threads on charging issues but have not found one that fits my situation so I hope I can find some help! In the spring after a few days of riding my battery died in the middle of a ride. I roll started it and made it home. Thinking it was a bad battery, i...
1-4 of 4 Results