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  1. Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster
    A couple of months ago I purchased a 2023 Speedmaster ( man I love this bike!) Alas it has no center stand and Triumph USA says they don't make one. Is there an after market stand that will work?
  2. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    I have a 2016 Scrambler which has sat on a TEC center stand for a few years. I have noticed it's beginning to lean and its clear one of the center stand legs is bending. I could not find any oem center stands, what are my options? Any chance a street scrambler center stand would fit? I'd rather...
  3. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I ride a Bonneville t100 from 08 and installed the OEM center stand, but I am noticing chain is hitting the metal rod that holds one end on the spring. Does anyone found a fix for this? I already tried changing chain slack.
  4. Tiger 900 Mods & Workshop
    I know this has been discussed before but it was an old thread. Seeing if there has been any updates. I have a 2022 Tiger GT Low. Center stands are not available for this model unfortunately. A paddock stand is the only way I see for easy chain maintenance. If I plan long trips (400-600 mile...
  5. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    I installed a center stand last summer and wasn't able to get the bank angle indicators that come with the factory kit. Can anyone tell me what the actual difference is with these? Is it just a couple millimeters longer so that the peg scrapes before the center stand does on heavy leans? Anyone...
  6. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    Hey everyone. When I first got my 71 tr6r about a month ago I found it was rather hard to pull up and let off centre stand. I thought it was normal as it is a higher bike. Until I noticed it was leaning. I pulled the stand off tonight and it appears to be twisted or bent. Has anyone else has...
  7. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    After having my broken side stand repaired I’ve decided I should probably look into getting a center stand. Any advice on finding a reliable reproduction? Thanks!
  8. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I'm about to take my recently acquired 2013 T100 for its first road trip, and I'm putting on a center stand to simplify things like oil changes and, God forbid, roadside repairs. Alas, the Predators the previous owner had put on don't have the bracket needed for the stand retraction stop pad, so...
  9. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Rats, Does anyone know if a NOS Thunderbird Sport Center stand would bolt right on to an Adventurer? I have a very nice Adventurer but no center stand and I have located a Thunderbird Sport (NOS Kit) Center stand. The Adventurer Thunderbird Kit is identical but the Sport version has a...
  10. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    Hey gang, I would love to ditch my mufflers for billet tips, but that would eliminate the mount i need for the center stand. spoke with bc about this and they said they had no intention of accommodating it. Anyone have a way to keep my center stand and ditch the mufflers? If not i guess il...
1-10 of 13 Results