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  1. The Welcome Center
    Hey guys, New to the triumph rat forums! looking forward to reading about builds going on, maintenance solutions and seeing what everyone rides! Curious to know if anyone that has a SE model if they have ever fitted a front fairing to them, i've seen on the net that air tech does some but i...
  2. The Welcome Center
    Hello. Taken me a while to get my first post up. I was a part of this community years ago when I still had my Bonneville (Tensa). Now I am riding a 2014 Thruxton EFI that I named Grendel. Managed to find Grendel new and dry and on the showroom floor with 0 miles in May of 2016 and snatched it up...
  3. Thruxton and Scrambler Shots

    Thruxton and Scrambler Shots

  4. 2013 Thruxton, Stock so far...

    2013 Thruxton, Stock so far...

    What should I do first to this beautiful machine?
  5. Almost there!

    Almost there!

  6. HPIM1006 copy

    HPIM1006 copy

    Photoshoped my TBS