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  1. Sprint Forum
    Coming time for the service on the ST which involves removing all the fairing, honestly it’s getting old, I absolutely love the bike in every department apart from maintenance because it’s a nightmare to get to anything! After what can only be described as an especially stupid drop (parked on an...
  2. Club Cafe'
    Anyone have any leads or recommendations for a thruxton seat cowl? Either used or new?
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hello Family, Been reading on the site for sometime and finally established a profile. Best insights I have received :) Best, Peter ‘04 Bonnie
  4. ECM and FI Tuning - Help, Tips & Tricks
    Hi I have built a cafe racer, started with my father’s trophy 1200 97. I bought a kit from CRK KITS. Today I switched the air filter to 4st pods from RAM. I had to switch back. I know that I have to change jets. My question is if I can get some tips and tricks from you guys. I have changed the...
  5. Air Cooled Twins Talk
    I have been looking for some side panels which are not so bulky and are closer to the frame. I also want it to fit with A9600620 - the Vance and Hines 2:1 High level Exhaust. I came across this: Aluminum side panels for Triumph models L.C. - Alo's, which I am not sure it will fit yet - but...
  6. The Welcome Center
    Hi all, here looking for some inspiration!
  7. 06 Thruxton

    Top speed (indicated) 125 MPH.
  8. Triumph SuperSports
    Ok, so call me crazy.... and the purists that read my title have already turned their backs in shame, but here we go. I currently ride an America which I rescued from being written off... and the Triumph affair started (Been a Kawasaki man forever before that) So I’ve been looking at older...
  9. Club Cafe'
    Hi Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of putting a Thruxton T100 seat on a T300 (Triumph Trophy 3)? I have seen this, - So I know it can be done without any major subframe change. I am about to venture on converting my Triumph Trophy 3 to a Cafe Racer, so any input on this would...
  10. Hinckley Classic Triples
    Dear all, So I have read a lot of negative comments about the Triumph cotton waxed panniers for the Street Twin: Not waterproof, not durable, too expensive for their value etc. (do not want to discuss this in this post). However, I can't seem to find a good alternative for them either for my...
  11. Ridge's T100

    Lots of updates.
  12. The Welcome Center
    Hello! I had been an active rider since 1988. Gone through several motorcycles, mainly Japanese makes. Got my Triumph Street Twin in 2016. Looking to add a Tiger XRX LRH to the parking lot, hopefully sooner. Cheers!
  13. CARPY3Thrux

    I also make a Fog lamp and bracket as well as License plate and cool New seats for Thruxton and Bonneville as well as other parts.
  14. Schindo's 2009 Bonneville

    Here is my 2009 "Bonny." It took me a long time to come up with color choices and modifications I wanted to do, but I think it turned out Great!!
  15. Taimoshan Thunderbird 01

    Taimoshan Thunderbird Sport - Cafe Racer nearing completion after about 200hrs of work in restoration and modification.
1-16 of 23 Results